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She Takes My Breath Away...

My horse Shana often takes my breath away.

She is so smart, so sensitive, so tuned-in and expressive.

Shana keeps me on my toes.

She is the energy balancer of our herd and always tells me when things are out of balance. ... read more


Dialoging vs. Monologing with your Horse

dialoging vs monologing


Building  a mindful connection   with your horse  by  'dialoging  vs.  monologing'.

This video shows  so perfectly   how willing our horses -  but truly all animals -   are  to have a dialog   with us.

... read more

Dealing With The Death Of A Pet

Dealing with the death of a pet

One of the most challenging things us   pet owners  have to do it deal with an ailing, or dying pet.
The Mindful Connections Principles and the Wheel can help you sort things out  and support your decisions. ... read more

Departure Anxiety

​Last week, before heading out to a training, David and I discussed how we could make my departure easy on our new puppy Scout.


Scouty Pants is very much hooked into me. We do a lot of daily chores around the barn together, and usually,

... read more

Sensing Through The Horse's Body

A couple of years ago, I taught a class called “Mindful Connections - A new approach to creating a deeper relationship with your animal”.

As I often do when I talk about my work, I shared the 5 Mindful Connections Principles with stories that illustrated their importance. At one particular junction in the class, we ... read more

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