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Dealing With The Death Of A Pet

Dealing with the death of a pet

One of the most challenging things us   pet owners  have to do it deal with an ailing, or dying pet.
The Mindful Connections Principles and the Wheel can help you sort things out  and support your decisions. ... read more

The Final Kicker

We had picked up Casey, our new puppy up on a Saturday. The days following her arrival, I spent observing, analyzing and re-evaluating the situation, hoping to find a mindful way to integrate the new family member. Things hadn’t progressed much. On Thursday afternoon I let Casey out into the backyard to go to the bathroom. Encouraged by my voice saying “good girl’ when Casey did her business, my three horses came trotting out of the field looking for where I was.

... read more

Breathing Together

It was good to re-connect with the horses yesterday.

While Casey, the dog we’d adopted, was living with us the horses barely saw us.

We couldn’t leave Casey alone in the house because she would chew the corner of the coffee table or nibble on our laptop power cords. We didn’t want to leave her in her crate because she had lived in it for many months as a young puppy. Putting  her in the backyard worked sometimes. But, it rained a lot during that week ... read more

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