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The Beauty of Now

Cutter and OkieLong before Oprah loved and promoted  Eckhart  Tolle and his modern-day bible The Power of Now, our horses have been showing us quietly that now is definitely the place to be. Unlike their humans, they don’t miss, regret, and wonder about what was. Nor do they hope and wish and plan for what is to be

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Releasing Anxiety Patterns In Our Horses

I have shared a little about my friend Mary’s horse Zander, a copper colored Morgan, in a previous blog (Is your horse a Sentry?)

A few days ago, Mary sent me an email describing an experience she had with Zander that is so worth sharing.

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Dealing With The Death Of A Pet

Dealing with the death of a pet

One of the most challenging things us   pet owners  have to do it deal with an ailing, or dying pet.
The Mindful Connections Principles and the Wheel can help you sort things out  and support your decisions. ... read more
Nicole Birkholzer