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Mindfully Connected Within

mindfully connected within​I'd consider myself a seeker. Even when I had no idea what I was seeking, I believed when I'd found it, contentment would follow.

Many miles later, an editor asked me to write a monthly animal column, I said yes and called it Mindful Connections. It seemed fitting. As a mindful individual, I wanted to pass on how others could connect more closely with their animals by seeing life through their eyes. ... read more

Becoming an attractant

Have you ever encountered a person that animals seem naturally attracted to? The kind of person that walks into a room and…magically…cats and dogs appear to greet that person. Maybe you are that person, if so you probably don’t need to read any further. ... read more

Being Open To Explore

PhoenixIn the previous article, I invited you to look at your horse in new ways and to experiment with seeing the world through his or her eyes—not with a plan, but with an open heart in order to meet your horse where your horse is . . . in the now. Since then, you may have become more conscious about how your horse is experiencing its environment. ... read more

Mindful Hits Mainstream

mindful goes mainstream Time MagazineI’m grateful that in the last 12 months, mindfulness has hit the mainstream. Finally, the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Eckhart Tolle, and others has earned a wider audience. Two weeks in a row, the New York Times printed articles relating to a mindful lifestyle. A month later, Time magazine put the subject on the cover. Even more interesting to me was the announcement that Wisdom 2.0, a conference for people with a common interest — to live with greater wisdom, purpose, and meaning, while using technology in ways that create a more open and healthy culture — featured Ariana Huffington, the two abovementioned spiritual teachers,  ... read more

Learning how to ask

Learning how to askThree years ago I took in a 32 year old Percheron gelding named Jesse. As young horses, Jesse and his sister became logging horses on the property of their owner. When one of the children in the family got very sick the owners had no longer the time to work with the horses and Jesse found a new home with a livery stable in New Haven, Connecticut. For several decades he was in front of a carriage pulling tourists around town and newlyweds into their new life.

... read more

Shana In Full Expression

mindful connections donkeyA few weeks ago my eight year old Arabian Shana stopped talking to me. She ran by me when it was time to come in for dinner, she didn’t greet me when I came out to feed breakfast. No requests for me to check her for ticks, no pushing her butt in my hands to scratch her tail. ... read more

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