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Seeing The Purpose - Meeting Our Cat In The Now

I love learning from animals.  And, over the years, I have realized ... 
our pets always do things with a purpose.    The moves they make, they actions they take ... it's all purposeful. They bark to protect us, they plop onto our keyboard to remind us to take a break. 
Mindful Connections Seeing The Purpose

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How To Bond With Your New Dog

Entirely Pets Blog
At long last your new dog or kitty is home! You have searched the internet far and wide to find the perfect match, gone through an interview, or maybe even a house visit, bought a couple of cozy pet beds, some bowlshealthy kibbles, a toy or two. You are ready for this new adventure, ready to bond with your dog. Read The Article

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Pet Logic Named Favorite Book On Huffington Post

Pet Logic On Huffington Post
Favorite Books for Animal Lovers of All Age

​In the wake of February 14th with all those pictures of bouquets and hearts plastered on social media, I had the distinct feeling that February may be the biggest month for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) not because of the lack of sunlight but maybe (?!) just maybe because of St. Valentine's Day? More on Huffington Post ... read more

Dealing With The Death Of A Pet

Dealing with the death of a pet

One of the most challenging things us   pet owners  have to do it deal with an ailing, or dying pet.
The Mindful Connections Principles and the Wheel can help you sort things out  and support your decisions. ... read more
Nicole Birkholzer