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Pet Logic Named Favorite Book On Huffington Post

Pet Logic On Huffington Post
Favorite Books for Animal Lovers of All Age

​In the wake of February 14th with all those pictures of bouquets and hearts plastered on social media, I had the distinct feeling that February may be the biggest month for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) not because of the lack of sunlight but maybe (?!) just maybe because of St. Valentine's Day? More on Huffington Post ... read more

Dialoging vs. Monologing with your Horse

dialoging vs monologing


Building  a mindful connection   with your horse  by  'dialoging  vs.  monologing'.

This video shows  so perfectly   how willing our horses -  but truly all animals -   are  to have a dialog   with us.

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Example of a Client Session Part 3 - Final

Wendy and JeeseHaving met Jesse, the 34 year old Percheron at her second visit, Wendy was excited to work with him again. Yet, this time it seemed Jesse was not looking to connect. Looking at him Wendy sensed Jesse’s lower back was out of balance and she wanted to offer him Reiki, but she felt that Jesse was “playing hard to get”. ... read more


Learning how to ask

Learning how to askThree years ago I took in a 32 year old Percheron gelding named Jesse. As young horses, Jesse and his sister became logging horses on the property of their owner. When one of the children in the family got very sick the owners had no longer the time to work with the horses and Jesse found a new home with a livery stable in New Haven, Connecticut. For several decades he was in front of a carriage pulling tourists around town and newlyweds into their new life.

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