Equine Retreats

A few weekends each year, we open our beautiful mountain sanctuary for
Equine Retreats Inspired By Our Horses.

Treat Your Money Like a Lover
- Equine Inspired MoneyCoaching –

Date: September 10th , 2016, 9 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.

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What if money was your lover, your partner? Your best friend? Would you treat it differently? And would it, in return, treat you differently, too?

The way you interact with money is inseparable from your core beliefs about life itself. Your financial situation is a mirror of your feelings about love, fear, work, purpose, worthiness – and yourself.

Since having a good relationship with us and our money is not only a matter of our thoughts, but also our feelings and our energy, Ivonne Senn, money coach extraordinaire and I, Nicole Birkholzer, equine inspired coach , got together to offer a unique workshop that caters to mind and body.

             Ivonne Senn - Money Coach    
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 Nicole Birkholzer - Equine Inspired Coaching
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Treat Your Money Like a Lover – Equine Inspired MoneyCoaching
-  1-Day- Workshop for Body, Mind and Heart –

In this workshop you will learn how to bring respect, attention and love into your relationship with money – and form a joyful and relaxed connection you never knew existed.

Supported by the loving and non-judgemental wisdom of the horses, you will discover what blocks your relationship with your money and yourself – and how to release that block.

Horses have the innate ability to tune into the subtle incongruences we hold in our body. They gently connect us to our own body and mind for clarity, and encourage us to utilize our own inherent wisdom to create a happy and fulfilled life.

No horse experience or prior knowledge is necessary, just desire to challenge your thinking, openness to breathe with horses, and curiosity to look at money and self-love from a different perspective.

Date: September 10th , 2016, 9 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.

A healthy, light lunch is included. 
Participants: max. 10
Investment: $150 - if you sign up before August 31st you pay only $125

Bring along: pen and paper, comfortable clothes, sturdy shoes and cheerfulness

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We are excited to mindfully connect with you in September, and will send you a list of accomodations upon your registration.

Meet Yourself In The Now
Experience--perhaps for the first time--meeting yourself and another being through breath, mindful connection, compassion and empathy at our mindfulness retreats to receive a deserving dose of mindful attention.

In the presence of horses, lives tend to open in miraculous ways. Participants undergo transformational shifts at our equine retreats:  clarity around creative endeavors and career trajectories, heal intimate relationships and finally recognize the exceptional wisdom they alone can offer the world.

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Meet Your Horse In The Now
Explore how - often in magical ways - you can support your equine co-facilitators mindfully. The simple act of connecting through breath can shift your relationship forever.

In this domain-changing, three day, equine-inspired retreat at our equine sanctuary, you'll learn to see the world through your horses eyes, and get excited about the new approach you will bring home to your horses.

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Meet The Writer Within 
Discover the open page and the spirit of the horse as a conduit to higher consciousness and buoy yourself and your writing to new heights while experiencing unprecedented wholeness and bliss.  

You'll encounter the captivating power of the horse and sail-- unbound and uncensored--on the open page.


If you long to deep dive into the magnificence that is your most creative self, if you are looking for an awe-inspiring adventure to break the spell of conditioning and overwhelm, if you want to shed that which no longer serves you and come home to the rhythm of who you truly are, please join me and the herd at my idyllic retreat  in Marlboro, Vermont. 

We'll notify you about upcoming retreats if you fill out the form on the bottom of the page.

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