Pet Logic Helps Pet Rescues

I have a soft spot for animals that were once disregarded.

And that’s why I support animal rescues.


By showing up at their fundraiser to read a story or two, signing some books, and then giving them part of the proceeds from my book. 

And, by offering money from the Pet Logic online sales and the “Meet Your Pet In The Now” online course.

So, if you work for an organization that helps pups, kitties or horses, and likes to receive some extra $$$ … tell us a little more about you via the form below.

If you are a fan of one of those amazing animal-helping organizations and want to hook them up with us, fill out the form below, let us know who they are, and whom to contact so we can get right on it.  

Can’t wait to mindfully connect!

Tell Us About A Pet Rescues



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