Mindful Connections Wheel

In preparation for your personal coaching session, please review the material below. 

​Does your mind like a structure in which to think? Mine definitely does.

And that's why I created the Mindful Connections Wheel. Over many years I defined and refined this amazing tool, and here is how it works. As you follow the sequence of the 5 steps on the MC Wheel you naturally engage some very valuable resources: your body, your mind, your emotions, and your intuition. The moment you connect with these resources they ignite! And after that they start working in conjunction ... and that brings you back to your natural state of exceptional performance.

That's already great!

But, for extraordinary results you want to add the 5 Mindful Principles. It's easy: while the MC Wheel directs your thoughts from step to step, you simply consider which of the 5 Mindful Principles will support you in making a mindful decision. Once you try it out you'll be effective and centered during stressful times. And as a result your productivity increases, and you get back valuable time and energy. 

Using the MC Wheel improves communication skills, helps solve problems, and provides guidance when uncertainty strikes. 

Take a look (and a listen if you like) at the Mindful Connections Wheel and the Mindful Principles so you become familiar with the message behind them.

I can't wait for our coaching session!

Click on the mindful connections audio button button to hear more about the individual steps.

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Mindful Connections Wheel





Mc wheel step 5 reevaluate

MC Wheel Step 1 Be in the now
Mindful Connection Wheel Problem Solving Tool




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5 Mindful Principles

1. Accept and Embrace Reality
No one can change reality! You can only change your attitude toward it.
Therefore, when you understand that things are what they are, and that life happens for a reason,
you’ll experience an immediate sense of calm.
That serenity is an opening, the perfect stepping-stone for you to move into a fulfilling future.

2. Ask for What You Need
Instead of hinting and hoping get clear and then express your needs.
This will improve communication and eliminate hidden agendas.
And, most importantly, it will liberate you.
There’s no guarantee that you’ll always get what you want.
But, by applying this principle, you certainly increase your chances.

3. See Through Other’s Eyes
When you see things through the other’s eyes, you don’t project:
You make an effort to understand what makes the other — human or animal — tick without
putting your own experiences, feelings, and beliefs on them.
The result: your communication will improve immediately

4. Interchangeably Be Student and Teacher
At times your knowledge is a great resource for others.
However, let’s remember we are also surrounded by teachers:
our partners, children, friends, family, the elderly, and even strangers.
And, of course our beloved pets and the events in our life can teach us as well.
When you are able to move easily between the roles of student and teacher you’ll move effortlessly through life.
You’ll connect mindfully within . . . and with the world.

5. Keep Your Promises
Make only those promises that you can keep, to yourself and others.
Being a promise keeper is a big part of building great relationships with people — and animals.
Keeping your word is the foundation of a trusting bond, and you’ll be rewarded with long-term connections.

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