Meeting our Horses in the Now is the only place we can truly connect.

This course speaks from our horse's point of view.
It reminds us why we love horses so much, and what we can do to make their lives more meaningful while working and playing with us.

I created this fun and inspiring online course for horse people like us: always looking to learn, and bond more deeply. 

Gain new perspectives, and discover a world that goes far beyond any of the literature and training available. 
Approaching your horse with these new insights will transform your relationship with all horses in an instant. 

As you move through the online course . . .  

:: You’ll learn to see the world through
    your horse's eyes — and experience 
    your own life through a beautiful
    new lens.
:: You’ll hone your intuition - attuning to
    subtle energetic shifts, non-verbal 
    signals, and your own body-compass.
:: You’ll become a powerful listener,
    a precise + compassionate 
    communicator and a confident decision-maker.

Simply spend about 10 minutes reading through the Mindful Connections Tips, put them into practice, and get inspired on your mindful journey with your equine partner.

Connect with your horse in new + meaningful ways.

Take the course on your own time
Receive three practical tips via email. 

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Meet Your Horese In The Now
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