Pet Logic Characters

Scout, yes, that's Scout ... sitting in his favorite water bucket.
Scout looooves being outdoors with us. Barn chores, walks through the woods, stacking wood, chewing sticks ... and carrying the feed buckets (and any other bucket-like objects ) from the barn to the house .   

If his DNA test is true (30% Corgi, 30% Rat Terrier, 30% Alaskan Malamute, 10% Setter, really?) then Scouty-Pants must have gotten the best traits of each breed. He turns out to be a super intelligent, confident, caring and communicative dog.



Flitzer and Amber had a sweet connection until Amber passed away in June of 2013.
Amber was an introvert and she didn't like change. Next to me, Flitzer was the only other being that could calm her anxious heart.

Nowadays Flitzer still puts the kibosh on Mimi when he thinks she is in a crankster mood, and sometimes I need to put the kibosh on Flitzer when he bosses David and me around too much, asking for 'this that and the other thing'. Flitzer is my Zen cat, always reminding me to stop. Survey. Survey some more. Then make a move.  He is also very dedicated  to teaching Scout about cats. "Dog, I am in charge of your food bowl. You will not walk toward it until I let you."                                                                                               


Yep, that's Sammy popping around on the roof. Two friends were over, visiting with Jesse,  when we looked up ... and there was Sammy ... rocking it out on the roof.
I just about had a heart-attack, Sammy however was having a grand time. 

My friends eventually convinced me, Sammy was part Alpine, she could handle the barn roof.
And she did.
She ended up on the other side of the roof - yep, over the peak she went - and ate the creeping myrtle out of the gutter. How convenient. 

I mean, seriously, isn't that one of the cutest faces you ever saw?
This little guys has long been placed in the wild again. He is out there doing what raccoons do: search for acorns, mate, sneak into people's barns and garages, and hang out in the trees watching wildlife go by.
Volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center was an educational and deeply moving experience.
In addition to caring for raccoons I also washed little possums... and believe me, baby possums are actually cute as heck. But ... I have to admit ... the most adorable baby animal is a skunk baby.
Nobody beats that hairdo. 
The Bird









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