Facebook Live 12 Ypur Horse Is Moving 3 things To Consider Is your horse moving to a new barn? Are you bringing a new horse to your barn? These 3 things are a 'must' to consider before, during and after the move.

If you work at a therapeutic riding center and integrate a lot of new horses into your program, come to my talk  “Transition Your NEW Therapy Horse Into Your Program - Mindfully" at the PATH Intern. Conference in San Antonio on November 10th 9:15 am - 10:15 am
I will provide you with lots of insights on how to select a horse that fits your program and how to integrate the horse mindfully into your program for a long and happy career. 
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Facebook Sunday #12-  Horse-Logic - Your Horse Is Moving.
3 Things To Consider. 9/3/2017

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Facebook Sunday A sniff, a touch, a feel. It matters to your horse

Nicole Birkholzer


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