1 : 1 Coaching Journey

Take Your Life From Mind-Full to Mindful

Do you member how easy it was to BE with horses when you were a child?

Do you watch videos of people and their horses on Facebook and Youtube and wish you had the same connection with your horse?


Do you know a lot about horses but wish for a mentor who appreciates your knowledge but is also able to take you farther and help you become confident about your horse skills and trust your intuition?


Are you excited to learn and try out ways to connect with horses you won't find in the latest horse magazine or in clinics?  


Well, then join me for the next 6 months and learn how to take your life from mind-full to mindful so you bring more ease and wellness into your own and your horse's life. 


As we embark on this 6-months journey together I will share with you what I have learned from horses over the last two decades.


I will help you connect with your body, your biggest sensing organ, and I will help you reignite your intuitive skills (we all have them, we simply forget about them as we grow up).

By the end of our journey, you will be deeply aware of and closely connected with your horse. 

You will trust your intuition - yes, your horse did just give you that message.


You will know how to use your breath, your body, your skills to help your horse feel at ease.


And, you will see that everything you do with your horse, every ride, every connection on the ground will be better and more meaningful because of whom you have become.   

"I first met Nicole last spring when she gave a workshop in our area. The journey since then has been nothing short of amazing! My relationship with my horses has changed dramatically, and my own journey toward personal growth has benefited tremendously as well. She has taught me to use modalities I never would have tried before. Throughout it all, I have thoroughly enjoyed the light touch, deep thought, and positive energy that Nicole brings to every interaction! It's an exciting trip!" Kathy King


Six months full of 1:1 coaching where you will have my undivided attention and mentoring, I will share my knowledge and will support you in becoming a mindful partner for horses.

You will learn how to engage with a horse mindfully from hello to goodbye, how to communicate verbally and telepathically, how to offer energy healing and Chakra balances to horses. 


Each month, you will receive a video that inspires you to go out and connect with your horse in mindful and meaningful ways.

I will provide you with material from my extensive archives that will support you on your personal journey. 
We will connect twice a month for our 1:1 coaching call.
And, I am available via email for troubleshooting.

You can pay each month $875/month

or pay in full $4,900 and receive a $350 discount 

There are only a handful of spots available. If you’re interested to go on this journey with me, contact me and I will be in touch to answer any questions and get your journey started!.