Horse Logic


Become a Mindful Connections® Accredited Equine Facility

Set your equine program apart by providing an equally enriching environment for both horses and humans.


Lay the foundation to deepen every interaction with your horses 

by meeting them “in the Now” and seeing the world from their perspective.


This year-long accreditation program includes:

  • Online Course - Introduction to the foundation of Mindful Connections®

  • Webinar Series - Horse Logic for staff/volunteers

  • Three two-day workshops - Horse Logic workshops to receive hands-on guidance 

  • Monthly phone consultation for key staff members

  • Customized Mindful Connections® Handbook to integrate w/Policies & Procedures


Topics covered:

  • Meet Yourself In The Now - Foundation of Mindful Connections®

  • Meet Your Horse In The Now - Foundation of Horse Logic

  • Horses & Humans - Being in dialogue

  • Herd Dynamics - Understanding your horse's many roles

  • Work & Play - Bringing both together

  • Horses In Transition - Supporting change for your horse

  • Energy Balancing - Restoring wellness for your horse

  • Losing A Herd Member - Supporting yourself and your herd

  • Trouble Shooting - Applying Horse Logic to solve problems


I am an educator and may utilize the information provided by an animal in my blog, articles, or marketing materials.

An intuitive consultation is not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis or training. I can not give you a diagnosis and I can’t prescribe. If your animal is ill or injured, please seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner, ideally a holistic veterinarian – check or a qualified trainer.

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