I communicate with animals! I can teach you how to mindfully connect too.

So often we reach out to Google for answers about quirky behaviors,

or to learn how we can best take care of our animals.

Did you know that animals have their own take on things?

That your animal can provide you with insights and wisdom you won’t find on the internet?


I created this Did You Know page to share with you some of the

knowledge and wisdom I have gathered from my furry and feathery clients.

Did you know? Learn more here...

Why do I have to clean my horse’s hooves?

First and foremost, to pick out stones and dirt that can get wedged in your horse’s hooves. But, did you know that your horse’s hoof is an energy portal? Your horse can release stagnant energy from the body through the hoof into Mother Earth. And, your horse can also pull up energy from Mother Earth into the body. Often, the hoof portal is stuck. Why? Because our horses often stand around too much, wear shoes, or are disconnected from their own feet due to stress. One sure way to open the energy channels of your horse’s feet is to tap the sole after you cleaned the hoof. Tap, tap, tap around the white line, the bars, and the frog. If you want to learn more ways to clear your horse’s channels so s/he can freely release and receive energy book a session.

Why is my dog aggressive toward other dogs?

In my animal communication sessions, I work with a lot of dogs who show aggressive behaviors toward other dogs or people. Dogs can be defensive or offensive when they snap and snarl. Did you know that defensive growling and barking originates in your dog’s front end, while offensive lunging and barking comes from the hind-end. Once we identify the source, we can work with your dog to understand what would help resolve the behavior. Does s/he need an explanation to ease her/his concern? Maybe some Energy work? Or hands-on support from you? Book an animal communication session to provide clarity so your dog and I can provide you with a plan to bring your world and your dog’s world back into balance.

Why does my cat want to sit on my keyboard?

Often, my human clients wonder if their cat likes to “lay on or near their keyboard for warmth?”. According to cats that is not the only reason. Most cats like to interrupt our work on the computer because they sense the tension we carry when we spend a lot of time in our heads. If your cat persistently bugs you while working ... take it as a sign to: Take a break. Take a breath. Take another breath and allow the air to flow through your body, releasing any tension that has crept into your neck and shoulders and your chest. Then, thank your cat for the reminder that you are not just a human doing, but also a human being. If your cat displays an unusual or undesired behavior, book a session, and let’s learn what s/he has to share.

Should I do a pre-purchase before buying/adopting a horse?

So often we fall in love with a certain breed, or color, or trait. We look at the horse’s history as a jumper, a dressage prospect, a trail horse. And, after the pre-purchase exam by a vet, we decide to buy or forgo the horse.
Once the horse is in our hands we often realize the horse is arena sour, afraid on the trail, balking at the jumps. What happened?
We forgot to ask the horse if s/he is still excited about the job. If s/he is the right match for us.
Did you know that a 45 min. animal communication session can answer so many questions and also prepare you and your new horse for the transition and the new life ahead? Spend your pre purchase money wisely.

How do I know this dog is a good match for us?

So often we fall in love with a certain breed, or color, or the cute face of a dog. We might know a lot about the dog’s history if we buy from a breeder, but often we know nothing at all when we adopt a pup. So many dogs end up back at a rescue because they were chosen for their cuteness rather than their purpose and personality. Herding dogs are hard-wired for work, keeping them in an apartment in the city can be devastating to the dog’s spirit. Greyhounds might seem too active for a city lifestyle unless you know that they often love to be couch potatoes. Did you know that you can interview the dog before making a commitment? One 45 min. animal communication session will reveal a lot of information that can help you decide if you and your potential new dog are a good mix. Or, if you should keep looking for a perfect match.

Should I feed my horse treats?

Empirical evidence shows that using treats keeps your communication ‘light’. Did you know that you’re your horse’s most preferred treat? Horses deeply enjoy hanging out with us … if we are present and attentive. Our mind so quickly darts off thinking about things in the past or future which keeps us from being in the here and now. And, did you know that one conscious breath brings you immediately into the present moment? Give it a try and watch your horse’s response. I created two reminders for you that will help you be more present. Print them, laminate them, and hang them up in the barn. Every time your eyes fall on them, they will remind you to take a breath and give your horse a chance to take a deep breath as well which will connect you both in the present moment.

Does my animal understand English?

So often we are taught to use short commands to engage with our animals: “Leave it, sit, come, down.” Or, with our horses, “Walk, trot whoa.” Oh, how limiting that is. Did you know that your furry or feathery friend understands full sentences? If you want to learn how to have real conversations with your animal, where both of you are seen and heard, book a session and unleash your animal’s voice so you can take your relationship to meaningful and new heights.

Why is my animal doing that?

Did you know, often when our animal displays an unexpected or undesired behavior it is their way to tell us they need help. Chewing through the crate, peeing beside the litter box, moving away from the mounting block are all signs that your animal wants you to notice something is not right. There are only so many ways an animal can get your attention, so next time you’re puzzled, book a session with me and let’s find out what your animal wants you to know.

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I am an educator and may utilize the information provided by an animal in my blog, articles, or marketing materials. An intuitive consultation is not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis or training. I can not give you a diagnosis and I can’t prescribe. If your animal is ill or injured, please seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner, ideally a holistic veterinarian – check ahvma.org or a qualified trainer.

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