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Are you ready to exhale ...?

In September of 2020, I will once again head to North Dakota to visit with the magnificent semi-feral Nokota® horses.

And, I invite you to come along!

High-knee with me through the prairie grass, our eyes toward the horizon, on the look-out for the last remaining descendants of Sitting Bull's war ponies.

This amazing, robust and colorful breed had me at 'hello' when I met them a few years back. 

 I have gone back every year, since.

And, here is why. 

When you exhale deeply, heels planted in the wide-open prairie ... and suddenly the mares and foals come out from behind a knolly hill into full sight ... your entire being shifts into awe!

We will breathe together, ground together, and move as one with the horses.

And, I will help you to create your own unique and mindful connection

with these sentient Beings!

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Every morning, you'll receive a Chakra Balance by yours truly.

Magical ... you in the middle of the prairie, face-up on a massage table, hawks circling above, the Nokota's grazing nearby, maybe curious enough to join us.

You will step into your day in the prairie grounded and aligned!

Throughout the day, as we linger and engage with the horses,
I will teach you how to use your body, your mind, your Chakras, and your intuition to be invited into their herd for a more close-up and personal encounter.  

More magic will ensue ... I promise ...!

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Grounded among white sage and gopher holes.

 Surrounded by the Nokota® horses at their home in Linton, ND.

September 16th - 20th, 2020
(only 6 spots available)

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Standing on the North Dakota prairie with these beautiful sentient horses brought me to a place of peace I never expected.

When they touched me I felt my feet grew roots down into the earth offering a profound sense of calm.

Debby Stein, Healer, Distant Linking

Nokota® Adventure 2019

Come on this adventure so you too can experience the beauty of the Nokota's.


Here are a few essential things you might want to know right away:

September 16th - 20th, 2020

in Linton, ND

What is included:

Daily Chakra Balance

Daily practice using your body, mind & intuition to communicate with the horses.

Every morning, you'll get up-close and personal with the Nokota® mares and foals 

In the afternoons, we'll visit the studs with their bands of mares near the Missouri River.

We'll hang out with the most playful and powerful bunch, the Nokota® stallions.

Story-time with Frank Kuntz, President of the NHC* and master story-teller, who will share the history and his journey with the Nokota® horses

Breakfast - at the hotel

Lunch - in the prairie

Dinner - in the prairie

Transport from and to the airport and around the prairie

$ 2400

(flight and hotel not included)
only 6 spots available

*The Nokota® Horse Conservancy protects these horses.
A significant portion of the money will be donated to the NHC to ensure their survival.  

You are intrigued and want more?

Take a look at the video I created for our 2019 trip. 
It will give you a great sense of what to expect.

You're ready to chat with me about you coming on the trip?

Scroll down to the form and send me a note. 

Nokota® Adventure 2020, fill out the form below so I can get in touch with you to answer any questions.

I can't wait to talk to you!

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If you want to know more about my love affair with the Nokota's, then keep on scrollin' to read about my journey to find Monarch ...

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Finding Monarch ...

Smitten by the Nokota's, I wanted to learn more. I felt these semi-feral horses had a lot to share about the quality of their life. I sensed that if I would ask them to share their knowledge I would be able to support domestic horses more deeply and effectively. 


So what to do but to speak with my own horses? 

When I returned home from my first trip to ND, my herd and I discussed the idea of bringing a semi-feral horse into our family. After many conversations with my Quarterhorse, Cutter, My Arabian mare Shana, and our goat Sammy, I understood what type of personality would be the best fit for us. A month later, I went on a quest to North Dakota to find a horse that was mature, independent, and willing to teach me about the life of horses in the wild.

​After meeting hundreds of horses among the knolly, grassy hills, I found the one horse that spoke to me ... Monarch, a seven-year-old dapple grey. In the photo above, Monarch came trotting out of the prairie following his herd mate. Seeing him glide along, ever so powerful and present, he took my breath away.

Several conversations with him later, Monarch joined our family in Southern Vermont in June of 2019.
And, our journey together has been nothing short of surprising and magical!

I am journaling along as our relationship develops in hopes to share our journey with you in written form in the future. For now, follow my Instagram and Facebook posts about our budding relationship. And, sign up for my newsletter so I can let you know when I have news about us to share.

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