Interested in the Nokota® Adventure?

In 2019 I organized a trip to explore the life of the semi-feral horses of North Dakota.
The Nokota® horses are descendants of Sitting Bull's War Ponies and are cared for by Frank Kuntz, he and his brother saved the horses from culling in the 80's, and the Nokota® Horse Conservancy.
The women who came on the #Nokotaadventure2019 called the experience "life changing",
"the missing piece to understand horses", "a trip of a lifetime". 

I will be heading out to North Dakota, again, in September of 2020.

I am excited to take exquisite individuals who are open and curious 'to be' in the prairie and learn from the descendants of Sitting Bull's War Ponies what it means to be a horse. 
if you feel called to join me, fill out the form below and I will be in touch to share more details with you.

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