Horse Logic

Webinar Series

Online Learning Available at Your Convenience

This educational webinar series is for equine professionals, equine advocates and horse owners who are tired of the 'dominance based' approach of traditional horsemanship and instead are seeking
an open dialogue with the horse through the 
Mindful Connections®approach.


To understand horses, their behaviors and needs, we need to explore the world through the horse’s eyes.    We can do that as we clear our minds and engage in the moment, fully focused on ourselves and the horse who’s breathing right there at our side.


Six live recordings lay the foundation to deepen your connection with horses by meeting them “in the Now” and seeing the world from their perspective:

  • Meet Your Horse In The Now - the foundation of Horse Logic

  • Horses & Humans - being in dialogue

  • Herd Dynamics - understanding your horse's many roles

  • Work & Play - bringing more play into your work

  • Horses In Transition - supporting change for your horse

  • Energy Balancing - restoring wellness for your horse



What People Say

Bamby Neilsen, Horse Owner

"The information is extraordinary (...) I get more information every time I access your webinar. From the first episode, I was changing the way I look at horses and have passed on my new found knowledge to others.
I am more aware now of my energy and body language when I am near them."

Jean Lasser, VMD

"What your webinar has helped me to be aware of and to make use of is the sense that I am an energy receptor. That my horse is always communicating with me. If I quiet the wordy human chatter in my head and open my other channels of communication, then I am open to all the information that she is providing me. 

This has brought about an incredible foundation of trust and partnership between us, that I don't think I have ever enjoyed with another horse. We have fun together and our time together is always an adventure. Its time with a friend. "

Mandy Hogan, Equine Professional

"Your presentations just get better and better and I look forward to the next in the series.

We hope to get everyone at Windrush involved and caring for our horse in a more mindful way.


Our horses are amazing and they do have a greater voice than they used to. This is tremendously helpful."