Join me and our 

animals for an


"Animals in Spirit"

Date: October 17th
Time: 7-8:30pm


"Aligning with Time + Space"

Date: November 17th
Time: 7-8:30pm

"Animals, just like us, want to be seen and heard."

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Next Open Mic:
Aligning with Time + Space

Sometimes life aligns perfectly. We are at the right time in the right space, and abundance bestows us. Other times we feel we're either rushing too far ahead or lagging behind.

Why is that?

Tune in to the November Open Mic to hear from Pippa.
Pippa, describes herself as, 'a white dog with black spots in a former athletic body.'
Here is a taste of Pippa has to say:

"Humans think of information being received or given when in reality, there is no separation between receiving and giving. Information simply is. It is available. The challenge is that human beings can only hold so much information at once. As physical beings with a mind, they are limited regarding how much they can process. Hence they’re not given all the information at once.”


"All information is available at once when we are part of Consciousness. The moment we come into the body, that changes. While in the body, time and space do matter in the following way: For any physical being, a timeline exists. There's birth, and there's death. To receive the information in an appropriate way you will receive the info when the time is right."