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Coping With A New Family

Show Notes

I am excited as ever to be back behind the mic.

During a recent walk with Scout through our snowy woods, I was contemplating a recent case from my work as an animal communicator. One of my clients had recently purchased a horse. His name is Snap. Snap is coming in right now, as I am recording. He wants me to explain that his name Snap does not mean he bites but because he has a snappy gait. Ok, that is great to know.

Well, my client and I had a chat with Snap pre-purchase to see if he was interested in doing some of the things my client had planned for.

The deal went through, and a week post purchase, Snap was colicking. He was lifting his hind legs, kicking toward his belly. He wasn’t eating much, and he didn’t pass manure. The vet came and offered the needed treatments, and Snap got a little better. But the belly ache lingered for days.

During my walk with Scout through the woods, I wondered if I could have helped Snap transition from one owner person to the next in a better way. I knew that my client had spoken with Snap once she’d made the purchase decision. As I thought that he had been told, Snap popped into my consciousness. He showed me that, yes, he was given the information but was unable to ask questions. I had the sense that Snap needed a dialogue to get comfortable. Then Snap showed me that a big change like this, changing his person, would be something he would have to work through via his body. He needed a chakra balance to fully integrate the past, present and new future into his body and energy field.

When I got back into the house, I contacted my client and told her that Snap was ready to teach us about the importance of integrating life changes on a cellular level.

During our 90-minute phone call, Snap we tuned into Snap’s Chakra system and answered his questions as he aligned his body, mind, and spirit with oils or questions answered. That is the amazing part about integrating the information with the energy sources. In addition, SNap picked certain essences or oils, creating alchemy to integrate and balance. We explained to him that, in fact, he had not left his old person, but his former owner had allowed him, Snap, to move on to a life with less anxiety. His life in the show ring was over unless he desired it at a point in his life. We worked through the loss Snap was still experiencing. We used Grief Relief, an essence blend to balance the loss.

Next, we addressed the anxiety around learning. In the past, learning had not been a lot of fun. I got the sense that Snap had learned a lot quickly and that the limited time to process had caused some anxiety. My client explained that Snap could relax and that she would show him new things without pressuring him. She also explained that the former owner would now be able to work with another horse, excited for showing, while Snap was given a chance to work with a new person in a new and gentle way. Snap picked Orange Blossom for the Balance.

Snap explained he picked Orange because an orange tree could be many things at the same time. It carries leaves, blossoms, and fruit at the same time. He realized that he was like an orange tree. Able to do several things at once. Bear fruits of labor ... his training as a pleasure horse, while being like a blossom that is yet to evolve ... learning new things with his new person.

When we attuned the heart Chakra, we used Rose oil, which helped Snap recognize his soul. That he was more than a riding horse, he was actually now a teacher, teaching his new person and me how important it was to do this type of integration for a horse to settle more comfortably into a brand-new life.

Working with the throat Chakra, my client explained that she was happy with a horse comfortable expressing himself. Any expression, as long as safe, was welcome. It was a new avenue for Snap and one that would raise his self-esteem. So many horses are not allowed to express themselves, physically, gesturally, so allowing a horse to explore and express can be a big deal.`

At the end of the balance, Snap’s energy was aligned and balanced, flowing in perfect circles at Life Chi speed.

I am happy to report that Snap is feeling better. One thing that definitely helped was a chat my client arranged for Snap. She asked Snap’s former owner to visit him and have a final chat about the transition. Communicating our feelings and acknowledging our animals' feelings is always much better and healthier.

As you can imagine, the former owner also felt the loss but didn’t want to interfere with the new owner. The new owner was trying to support the horse, yet the horse was not sure about anyone's feelings, especially his own.

Yet, as we took all the pieces and began weaving them into Snap’s energy field, he was once again anchored and had the vision to look forward to.

I am so grateful for this wise horse to show up in the woods, helping me understand how we can help our animals integrate news more effectively and meaningfully.

Next time you chat with your animal about upcoming changes, tell and breathe.

Tell and breathe three times. As you consciously breathe, see if you hear, see, or feel a question your animal might have for you.

That’s the kind of fun stuff we do in the mentorship program. Your animals will teach you how to communicate easily with your body, mind, and intuition.

Try it with your animal, tell and breathe … what do you see, feel, or hear?

Until next week … ciao ciao. Bis bald.


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