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Living With Bears

Our dog Scout and the bear had an invisible, energetic standoff. I quietly moved closer to see what Scout was looking at. Scout turned his head left to take one quick look at me. The moment he did, the bear ran out of the woods across the driveway, and down the embankment. Listen to more bear encounters in this episode.

I think I saw a bear today.

And then I looked again, and it was gone.

Was it a shadow? Was it real?

I think it might be

Then I continued to spread the hay, pulling apart the dry clover from the grasses.

Wondering, did I see a bear today?

Driving to Boston. Construction signs.

I reached for my calendar, was today June 9th?

Was Mt. Tom's route closed due to construction?

I looked back up, and there he was...

I saw a bear today.

Climbing over the guardrail from the right, onto the street, hustling across.

Dark, dark shiny fur, rippling over the body in motion. Just like a film.

Over the guardrail left, down the ravine, gone for a moment.

Re-appearing in the backyard of the white house on the bottom of the mountain.

Gone behind a spruce.

I saw a bear today!

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