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Meet Pip

Nicole: "Can I check-in and feel your energy?"

Pip: "... yeeeeees ... why?"  NICOLE: To see how you feel. PIP: "I feel good. Why wouldn't I?"

Meet Pip! My youngest client to date!

Before Pip's owner decided to get a puppy, we had several conversations with her other two male dogs to understand what they thought about a new family member and what type of personality would be the best fit for all.

About three weeks after Pip and his siblings were born, I tuned into the little puppy puddle to get a sense of their personalities and see who might be a match. Though several people had suggested getting a female for the two older boys, the furry family asked for a male pup that would pay attention and not challenge the older dogs' leadership. 

And so a little Pip was picked and he joined the house when he was 12 weeks old. 

To make the transition for everybody easier, Pip's owner booked three sessions.

#1 to find the right pup #2 to prepare her other dogs

#3 to provide some help with the transition, which included long-distance healing all dogs

I am excited to say, the thoroughness has paid off, Pip and his new family are doing great!


If you are looking to add a new family member, book an animal communication session with me to get some furry insights.

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