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Time To Let Go?

Owner: I think it is time, I can't bear it but I need to let her go.

Dog: When you think of me ... feel that your heart is full, not empty. I live in every corner of the apartment, in the fabric, and in your heart.

At the end of our animal communication session, my client said that she was hoping to get closure by speaking about her late dog's leaving. Instead, she actually experienced an opening.

Through our conversation, she learned that she can connect with her dog by observing small sensations. A light flashing by, warmth against her leg, the dog's spirit all around her.  

Again and again, animals share with me and their people that we are all energy. We are still connected ... though the physical connection might have ended, the essence of our animal is still there.


If you have lost an animal, be open and curious. Let's tune in how you can sense your animal's presence.

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