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  • Humans are fascinated by horses. We’re amazed by their majesty, beauty, and joy. Aside from those qualities and their elegant movement, however, there seems to be something else that draws us: something elusive, difficult to pinpoint, a quality unique to horses, something we yearn to have for ourselves.

    For me, that something is their spirit. It’s their vitality that tells me there’s more to life than our everyday reality. I feel the deep desire to connect with a horse and to move as one with it. I imagine the wind blowing through my hair as we ride across a meadow — carefree, in the moment, liberated.

    When we treat horses as our equals — our partner-beings and soul-companions — we can cultivate new ways of connecting and communicating with all living beings.

    Our best guide is hairy and four-legged and lives in our backyard or at the boarding barn.

    Throughout this book, I will share simple ways of collecting and interpreting the information your horse so freely provides, as well as some basic tools to help you raise your awareness and become a valued partner for your horse. And, I will show you how you can support your horse in meaningful and mindful ways.

    Enjoy the ride!

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