Pet Logic

Webinar Series

Online Learning Available at Your Convenience

Many of us have learned short commands to communicate or condition a response from our animal.  But your animal has a much larger communication repertoire.


You can have a real conversation, a dialogue, to connect to your animal more deeply and solve problems.


This educational webinar series is for animal lovers and animal advocates who are looking to connect with animals in a meaningful way.  


As you learn to meet animals “in the Now’ and start seeing the world through their eyes, you’ll experience your relationship through a beautiful new lens.


As you become present and raise your awareness, you’ll:

  • Tap into the power of intuition.

  • Build immediate rapport with your animal.

  • Bring your relationship with any animal to new heights.



Topics covered in this webinar series:

  • Meet Your Animal In The Now - The foundation of Pet Logic

  • Be In Dialogue - Opening communication between you and your pet

  • Recognize Purpose - Understand and support your animal's purpose

  • Animals In Transition - Helping your pet with change

  • Energy Balancing - Restoring wellness for your pet



Starting October 2018