Animals, just like us,

want to be seen and heard.


A Mindful
Changes Lives

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The Mindful Connections Wheel®, a tool inspired by animals  focuses on learning from our animals
and guides me in all consultations.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything."

—  Lao Tzu  —

Once upon a time I secretly wondered about the uncanny connection I felt with animals.

When I was seven years old, I scraped patties off the neighboring cows, believing it would make them feel better.


Growing up, horses were my playmates, my confidantes, and my peers. And though I didn’t have pets, I pretended my grandparents German Shepherd was mine.

I felt more like ‘myself’ in the company of an animal than with most human beings.


Did I talk to animals back then? Of course.

Did they talk back? Most definitely.


That's still true today. 

Animals have so much information for us: their view of the world, their purpose, why they came into our lives, and what they need from us to make our lives together meaningful.


Once we understand that animals - just like us - want to be seen and heard, we immediately connect in a deeper more mindful way.


Suddenly, we understand why our newly adopted kitty is hiding underneath the bed, why our horse is not getting along with her paddock mate, or why our dog is over-reactive walking on the leash.


Book an animal communication session so I can help you understand the logic behind your pet's, or horse's, behavior.


Or, learn how to meet your horses or pets where they live, in the now and begin communicating with your body, mind, and intuition so you can live happily ever after.




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Animal Communication

What does your dog think, what does your cat want you to know?

And, what wisdom has your horse to share?

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Your horse is always ready to connect, you just have to show up ...
in the Now.

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Online Courses

The online courses provide you with everything you need to create a magical relationship with your furry partner. 

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I bring a fun & educational talk to your organization.

Animal stories are always included.

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just like us,
want to be
seen and heard. 


And, when we listen

... magic happens!

But, if animals don’t feel

seen and heard,
they will make themselves known.

Maybe through silly expressions,
 or through unexpected and undesired behaviors.


At that point, the animal is
 asking for help.

I am here to help you

see and hear your animal.

Mindful Connections®

 The solution to improving your communication and deepening your connection with animals.

Meeting your animal "in the Now" creates the foundation

for a meaningful relationship as your connection goes from

Mind-full to Mindful.

Only when you meet in the now you can truly “see and hear” your animal.

After spending the last two decades observing and working with animals, I've discovered five important junctures

when we have to make important decisions that will affect our own and the animal's life forever.


  1. Choosing the right animal for you.

  2. Transitioning the animal into the new life.

  3. Maintaining a trusting relationship so you spend many happy and healthy years together.

  4. Troubleshooting when unexpected or undesired behaviors occur.

  5. Transitioning your animal on to another person or into the afterlife.


As you approach each of these five important junctures, you have the opportunity to make mindful decisions by considering the world through the animal’s eyes.

Meet Your Animal In the Now

I distilled everything I've learned from - and about - animals into the Mindful Connections®approach.

My approach focuses on learning from our animals and will guide you to:


  • Connect Mindfully

  • Gain Understanding

  • Be In Dialogue

  • Develop Solutions


Applying this mindful way of connecting deepens your relationship with your animal in an instant.

Mindful Connections®Approach

My Mindful Connections® approach explores and explains Horse Logic to support horses and their owners in mindful ways.  





I have worked and played with many horses of many breeds during my life and have made some fundamental observations. Horses want to connect.
They want to be seen and heard and treated

as individuals and partners.

Horses are looking to expand your consciousness.

Explore how.

The Mindful Connections® approach will help you learn how to tune in to your pet, understand your Pet's Logic, and experience a deeper connection than you thought possible. 





Through the help of my animals and my clients' animals, I've developed the perfect tool to help me use my body, mind, and intuition to better understand and communicate with my animals and my clients' animals. I can't wait to teach you, too.