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Bring Horse Logic To Your Barn 

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Bring Mindful Connections®  to your barn and help your staff and volunteers gain powerful new perspectives from their horses by discovering a world that goes beyond any literature and training available.

The foundation workshop “Meeting in the Now” provides the hands-on practices needed for
a mindful connection.


From this starting point, you can broaden your understanding

and skills with the
Skill Building Workshops.


“Meeting in the Now"

Building Efficient & Effective Rapport


To effectively connect with a horse, build a happy working relationship or understand a horse's concern, we must recognize that the horse, unlike humans, lives “in the Now”.  


By approaching the horse with a calm and present mind, you:


  • Become an effective listener – a precise and compassionate communicator and a more confident decision-maker.

  • Learn mindful horse handling skills and hands-on energy support for the horse to build rapport between horse and staff/volunteers 

  • Learn to see the world through the horse’s eyes – to understand the physical, emotional, and mental needs of equines.


“The Horse’s Point  of View”

Understanding Unexpected Behaviors

As socio-cognitive animals, horses are influenced and affected by their environment. Most behavioral issues displayed by horses are due to stress-related events and circumstances in their domestic setting.


In this workshop, you will:


  • Understand how to assess the horse's behavior from a variety of mindful perspectives. 

  • Explore what is affecting the horse physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to understand the horse's experience.

  • Use the information to create solutions that resolve unexpected behaviors in an effective, respectful, and compassionate manner that benefits both horse and human.


“Mindful Integration”

Integrating A New Horse Into Your Herd


As equine managers and instructors, we often feel helpless when our new, or seasoned, horses display a behavior that is out of the norm.  


Or when they go through a physical, mental or emotional challenge.

These behaviors and challenges make managing a barn and horses harder.


Taking a mindful approach when selecting, transitioning and maintaining your horses increases their chances for a long and healthy career. Learn how to:


  • Assess a new horse by considering his/her past and potential future from a mindful perspective.

  • Develop a transition plan that considers the horse's point of view.

  • Learn mindful horse handling skills to provide a wellness environment for the horse.


“Energy Balance (Chi)”

Foster Horse Health & Wellness

Daily interactions with people, horses, wind, and weather can stop the flow of life energy in a horse and create energy blocks that affect the horse’s endocrine and nervous systems, which can lead to dis-ease.


Just like humans, horses feel best and perform best when their life energy (Chi) flows freely.  The benefits of learning Horse Logic Energy Balancing include:


  • Release of energy blocks.

  • Balancing of Chakras to facilitate healthy energy flow.

  • Overall equine wellness.

  • Enhanced trust and rapport with you.

What People Say

Leslie Wilcox, Equine Professional

"You were so gracious to come out to our program to drop your pearls of wisdom on us all. You have such a wonderful energy. It’s always great to get a fresh eye, new ideas and new approaches on things.."

Melissa Jarzynski, Equine Professional

"We were so lucky to work with Nicole Birkholzer of Mindful Connections on our mindfulness, how to better communicate and listen to our horses, and how to be in the now with our amazing equine partners.

What an amazing day of learning for the team!!Thank you so much!

Everyone loved having you and is still talking about it."

Martha Dubensky, Equine Professional

"I've always 'talked' to my horses, but this time I got a response like I had never felt my whole life. 

Thank you again for opening my 'mindfulness' to accept your teaching. 

RJ thanks you, too."