Barn Visits

Horses are always ready to connect, we just have to show up “in the Now.”  
By applying my 
Mindful Connections® approach to your horse, you learn to be “in the Now” and have a closer connection and better understanding of your horse.

My equine 1:1 session usually last around 60 minutes and can include the following depending on the needs and circumstances of each horse and owner:

  • Animal communication

  • Energy work for horse and/or person (especially if the horse and owner had any traumatic incidents or accidents)

  • Identify reasons for unexpected behaviors and help resolve them 

  • Sort out communication issues between horse and owner on the ground and under saddle

  • Explore opportunities to implement the Mindful Connections® approach into your daily horse interactions.

I support the development of dialogue between you and your horse to solve problems, improve performance and increase the horse’s well-being.

Contact me to discuss the horse/s challenge and to schedule an appointment.

Barn visit $ 125, plus travel 


For emergency consultation text: 508-846 5001
(emergency fees apply)

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