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Are you ready to be mentored?


Animal Enthusiasts

Barn Managers

Veterinarians & Veterinary Staff

Shelter Employees & Volunteers

Equine Based Therapy Practices

Pet Owners

The Mentorship is for anyone who wants to connect with their animals on a deeper level, and discover their innate wisdom.

I’m into connecting with animals in profound and magical ways.
For me, my dog is not
just a dog, my horse is not just a horse, and my
cat is not
just a cat…They are my soul partners whom I have conversations with,
whom I love to hang out with, and who are my best friends

Are you into those things as well?

Then this mentorship is for YOU. If you're craving deeper relationships,

and feelings of expansion and connectedness, this mentorship will get you there.


I will teach you anything and everything from my toolbox
that fits
your journey, and your animals will guide you daily,
like my animals do for me.


We will figure out what's for your animal's highest and best, and most importantly,

for your own highest and best: because everything starts with YOU. Because you're
the center of the family who holds it all together and supports everyone, the solid rock that friends and family lean on, and the leader your animals depend on.

During the mentorship, you’ll find out how the furry (or feathery) faces in your
life are supporting you. You will learn how they do it and why.

Your animal/s will feel seen and heard, and feeling seen and heard leads to

infinite possibilities. Before you know it, you will use your body, mind, and spirit
to communicate with your animals and the world around you. 


Sounds like magic?

Because it is.

Because you are Unique,

The Mentorship is Unique.

front presentation.jpg

When you radiate your passion and desire, your animals will show up
and speak up. With my expertise and guidance, we will create a
foundation for you to connect and communicate with animals - and all of life -
in mindful and meaningful ways.

In six sessions, you will have a brand new perspective
on the
relationships in your life and the tools
to continue to grow your communication skills.


Six 90-Minute Phone Coaching Sessions

with Nicole Birkholzer

Investment: $2,400

Your Mentorship:

  • Together with your animal/s, we explore what you already know, define your personal goals, and tailor a plan for our journey.

  • We discover the depth of your relationship with animals and how they want to connect with you verbally, somatically, and telepathically. 

  • You will hear from them about your animal/s gifts and purpose. Is your dog a soother or a worker? Is your cat a healer or a property surveyor? Is your horse a truth keeper or a heart balancer? And how does their gift guide you and provide you?

  • You will explore the laser-sharp communication tool called your voice.
    You will learn to use your voice to match your animal's voice and
    personality for greater connection.

  • Together you will develop a shared vocabulary of verbal and energetic queues to guide your choices + daily activities.

  • You will hone your innate tools. Raise your awareness and sharpen your senses to allow your body to guide you. As a result, you'll catch what happens before
    "what happens, happens" to prevent unexpected and undesired behaviors
    your animal displays.

  • Together with your animal/s counsel, we will examine your purpose and mission
    and determine steps to fulfill it.

  • You will receive the educational and healing tools I have developed over the
    last two decades to identify problems and provide wellness solutions for you
    and your animal/s.

  • And let's not forget, our sessions often include a Chakra balance, pendulum work, and a ton of fun and surprises.

  • Most importantly, this mentorship is tailored for you specifically. With my support, you will feel seen and heard in new and meaningful ways!



After The Mentorship,
you might
not want to leave!


Well, you don’t have to



Now...If you loved the first 6 sessions and feel as if you barely got your

feet/paws/hooves wet … well, then I have a follow-up plan. How about spending

four more hours together, where we explore your next steps? 


Explore and Manifest Your Path

Four 60-minute Sessions

Investment : $1,200


If you are into an even deeper and more intense focus on your personal connection to animals, this follow-up practicum is for YOU!


  • We'd focus on your furry clients if you run a dog training business. How to provide more ease and meaningful communication when engaging with your charges.

  • You might be a therapeutic riding instructor who wants to understand the
    four-legged heart of your organization and offer hands-on, wellness-based
    on the horse’s needs. 

  • If you are a healer, we can focus on using a pendulum and learn about the
    Chakras and how to integrate them into your practice. 

  • You could be a geek for “everything animal” and want to connect again - as you did as a child - with animals and nature in natural and magical ways. 

What Clients Say

As an equine healer, I look forward to my sessions with Nicole. The horses I work with provide me with specific ways to fine tune my skills so that my energy work becomes more effective. This includes insights on how to connect to my intuition and my body’s wisdom. The horses are my personal life coaches and they find joy in being able to help me become my best self. All of this is possible thanks to Nicole’s ability to accurately translate the concepts and messages the horses send her. As a result of this process, my relationship with horses has transformed beyond what
I thought was possible. I am so grateful for
working with Nicole!

Natacha Streiff, Equine Healer

Being mentored by Nicole and my horse, Amelia helps me trust what I see, hear, and feel, and has changed our relationship. My horse offers information and Nicole supports, guides, and encourages me to follow the messages, opening our communication. Our relationship is more of a partnership now and my understanding of how energy works for and through us is expanding. Nicole and Amelia have opened the door to surprising and exciting connections and I'm learning more about my
animals and myself.

Heidi Krantz, VT Horse Counsel

I have witnessed the incredible healing power of horses as a therapeutic horsemanship instructor for years.  As I grew as a teacher, so did my relationships with my equine partners. However, I wanted a deeper connection and remembered Nicole, who had communicated with my late dog years ago. In our first call, one of the school horses stepped up to share that I had the ability to channel energy he and the other
horses would benefit from. 

From that moment on, the horses began to mentor me. I wanted to help the new horses settle and the schoolmasters release tension. The tools Nicole imparted facilitated meaningful connections that made me more present, more grounded, and more aware of my energy and how to work with the energy of the horses. Being present and aware has permeated every aspect of my life. And every call with Nicole has led to another truly profound discovery. About myself.  The horses. And the vastness of what is possible when we are
open and curious.

Nicole Karaman, The Equus Effect, Certified Facilitator, PATH Intl. Specialist in Mental Health and Learning

It started with listening to an  interview with Nicole
on a podcast.  I loved Nicole’s energy and interesting stories about her life and the animals.  After having one session with her about an issue with my dog- I decided to go for the mentorship.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but the experience surpassed anything I had in mind. 


Nicole custom creates each session for each individual.  She communicates and shares wisdom from the animals.   It was an initiation into Animal Consciousness- what an honor.  

I learned so much and my intuition truly picked up speed.  It was mind blowing  that by the end of the 6 sessions, I was able to tap in and really feel and communicate with the animals. 

 Nicole’s enthusiasm, kindness, wisdom and humor- made for a spiritual growth spurt.


  I highly recommend a mentorship with Nicole.  


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