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Speaking and Entertaining

Are you ready to be entertained?


Who hires me to  SPEAK?

Animal Enthusiasts


Veterinarians & Veterinary Staff

Fundraising Committees

Equine-Based Therapy Practices

Animal Based Organizations


Inviting a speaker to your animal-based organization is a big deal.
You want someone interesting.

Someone who knows animals and can bring a new perspective.

Preferably share the animal's perspective. 


But it also needs to be entertaining. 

You want the speaker to inspire.

You want your staff, volunteers, and board of directors to walk away thinking bigger.
Understand more about the animals you care for.


Invite me to speak at your organization

to spark new ideas and ignite your audience.


I entertain your audience with funny, poignant, and heart-warming stories
from my life as a relationship coach for animals + their people. 

When our furry and feathery friends are misunderstood, they eventually resort to
quirky, unexpected, or undesired behaviors. Those behaviors can often be
resolved with a single conversation between the animal and the
animal’s person, facilitated by yours truly

I will tell you about Chloe, the cat who suddenly stopped meowing,
and how she started chatting again.
You might meet Jake, a horse with a great reason
not to s
tep up to the mounting block.

Or, Tucker, a watchdog, who taught his owner why he barks and how to stop him.

 I will teach the audience how to be in the present moment and explore the logic
behind animals' quirky or unexpected behavior.

And I promise you. Your audience will leave feeling like they got a 'tune-up.'

Ready to engage with animals in a new and meaningful way. 


Your audience deserves a dynamic speaker.

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