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Ways to work together:

Join me for a Live Group Zoom Session, where I teach you 3 tips to bond with your new dog, for a low introductory rate. Some of the things you will learn:

  • How you can support your new dog becoming part of your family

  • To understand some  of the quirky or unexpected behaviors of your dog

  • How to communicate effectively so you will bond easily 

July 29th @ 12:30-1:00pm : Lunch Break Group Zoom Session

August 5th @ 12:30-1:15pm : Follow-up Session, ask Nicole Q&A's

Both sessions are only available live, we won't send a recording.

This opportunity will support you regardless of your unique situation - whether your dog is scared, aggressive, or insecure; you find you don't have as much time this summer; you're encountering other dogs on walks, hikes, or the lake; or maybe you are planning a vacation and your new dog is not allowed. I will teach you what I have learned - we'll take a breath, have a chat, and YOU will be AMAZED at the results. 


Take a Breath, Have a Chat, Be AMAZED! -

Limited Time Offer

If you're a new client, book a free 15 - minute phone chat so you can meet me and I can learn more about your furry, or feathery companion.

Book a single phone session so we can explore how you can bond more deeply with your animal, or tune in to understand the logic behind an unexpected behavior.

Book 3 phone sessions if you're considering a new animal, if your animal is at the end of life, or if you're dealing with complex behaviors.  

I am available for interviews and happy to join your podcast and give my expert insights.

I work with your therapeutic riding center or animal rescue organization, and teach your staff and volunteers my mindful approach. Always making the animal's well-being our goal! 


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