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Ways to work together:


Book a single phone session so we can explore how you can bond more deeply with your animal, or tune in to understand the logic behind an unexpected behavior.

Your Animal, Your Mentor-Ship, is for you if you want to communicate and connect with your animal through your body, mind, and intuition!

 I will teach you anything and everything from my toolbox that fits your journey. Your animals will guide you along the way just like my animals do daily. 

Are you looking for a dynamic and inspiring speaker to talk about animals and their needs, wishes, and wisdom?

I am your girl!

Let's connect and chat about how I can get your staff, volunteers, and clients excited to listen to their animals.

Book 3 phone sessions if you're considering a new animal, if your animal is at the end of life, or if you're dealing with complex behaviors.  


1:1 session intensive on animal communication using a pendulum.  

Your Pendulum - Your Path To Animal Communication. 

 I'll teach you how to connect with your animals using your pendulum.

A great opportunity to enhance your bond with your animals and take your communication to the next level.

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