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Humans are fascinated by horses. We’re amazed by their majesty, beauty, and joy. Aside from those qualities and their elegant movement, however, there seems to be something else that draws us: something elusive, difficult to pinpoint, a quality unique to horses, something we yearn to have for ourselves.

For me, that something is their spirit. It’s their vitality that tells me there’s more to life than our everyday reality. I feel the deep desire to connect with a horse and to move as one with it. I imagine the wind blowing through my hair as we ride across a meadow — carefree, in the moment, liberated.

I believe that horses can be great teachers. But all too often, we ignore their greatest lessons. We force when we ought to feel. We push when we ought to yield. We struggle when we ought to partner. We groom, rule, and ride with a disciplined mind — but we fail to honor their ancient wisdom and profound intuition. Or our own, for that matter.

When we treat horses as our equals — our partner-beings and soul-companions — we can cultivate new ways of connecting and communicating with all living beings.

Our best guide is hairy and four-legged and lives in our backyard or at the boarding barn.

Throughout this book, I will share simple ways of collecting and interpreting the information your horse so freely provides, as well as some basic tools to help you raise your awareness and become a valued partner for your horse. And, I will show you how you can support your horse in meaningful and mindful ways.

Enjoy the ride!

HORSE LOGIC  - The Book 
Nicole's second book in the Animal Logic Series.

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Nicole's second book.


is a must-read if you believe that horses are your soul mates and in your life to teach you about their wisdom.


PET LOGIC  - The Book 
Nicole's first book in the Animal Logic Series.

We all seek connection, we all look to belong, to love, and be loved, animals included.

In Pet Logic, I have gathered 14 of my most inspiring essays and whimsical anecdotes to show how we can make our lives richer by viewing the world through the lens of the pet kingdom.  

Jesse, an ancient Percheron teaches us to trust our instincts in order to heal. Sammy, an inquisitive young goat shows us how to accept reality in order to end struggle and gain peace.

Cookie, the semi-feral cat lets us see the world through her eyes so that we can gain a more balanced perspective. A snuggly baby raccoon proves that parenting comes in different guises.

Sometimes quirky, often tear-jerking and laugh-out-loud funny, Pet Logic is a must-read for anyone who has suspected our bond with animals has far more wisdom to impart than we ever imagined.  

The book contains the fabulous bonus of helping the reader live in the present, something masters down the ages have been encouraging us to do. In doing so, we find a connection that makes our lives so much more rewarding. Pet Logic won’t just enrich your rapport with your pets, it will connect you more deeply with yourself and your fellow humans.

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Nicole Birkholzer’s stunning little debut, helps us see the world through our pet's eyes.


 Does your cat trip you up – literally – when you rush to get out of the house?

Does your dog sometimes act really goofy, especially when you need cheering up?

Does your horse fidget around during grooming?

When our animals “speak” to us we are given a choice: we can dismiss them as silly and goofy or we can choose to stop… and listen.

By knowing how to listen to your pet, you will be shown a world that is nothing short of miraculous.