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Once upon

a time...


... you fell in love with horses.

You felt drawn to their warmth, their power, their liquid eyes,
and their gentle spirits.


But over time, the practicalities of horsemanship — the grooming,
the behavioral issues, and the communication blocks — started to strain your love affair.

And some days, you wake up and wonder if all the hard work and money is worth it.


But here’s the good news: there’s nothing wrong with your horse — and there’s nothing wrong with your heart.


Every relationship needs attention, nourishment and tender maintenance. And your relationship with your horse is no different.


Quirky New Behavior? There’s a Reason for It

There is nothing more puzzling than your horse displaying a new behavior
that you don't understand.

When it’s a playful move we usually don’t mind, but when our horse is suddenly aggressive toward his paddock mate, shies away when we approach with the saddle, or doesn’t want to enter the indoor arena . . . we have a problem. 


When our horse is laid up due to an injury, we wonder if she’s bored. When our pony is at the equine hospital, we worry that he’s anxious. And when we bring a new horse into our herd, we question if they will all get along. These are the moments when we wish our horses could talk.


Your horse always has a reason for any behavior and is always ready to talk to share any needs and desires.  

I will tune in telepathically to your horse while we're on the phone and invite your horse to share his/her thoughts so we can figure out solutions and discover how you can help remedy what is going on.

During our call, we will explore how you can bond more deeply with your horse, or tune in to understand the logic behind the unexpected behavior. Our animal communication sessions may include long-distance healing through energy work, which is especially beneficial for horses who've experienced:

​Your horse will feel seen, heard, and supported. And by understanding the world from your horse’s point of view, you will walk away with new insights, solutions and peace of mind.

Ready To Tune In


There is always a reason.

Discover the potential for your relationship or the true meaning behind your animal’s behavior. Book a 45 min. animal communication call. 

Connect Deeply


Dive into the relationship

Considering a new animal?

Is your animal at the end of life?

Are you dealing with complex behaviors, or

want a deeper relationship?

Book a series of three phone sessions to

create a meaningful dialogue.



My animals are my soul partners.

We chat, we hang out, and we are best friends. The mentorship is for you if you crave a deep relationship with your animal.


See the world

through your

horse's eyes...

... and connect in new and magical ways. 

... and connect in new and magical ways. 

I believe that horses can be great teachers. But all too often, we ignore their greatest lessons.


We force when we ought to feel. We push when we ought to yield. We struggle when we ought to partner.


We groom, rule, and ride with a disciplined mind — but we fail to honor their ancient wisdom and profound intuition. Or our own, for that matter.

When we treat horses as our teachers — and sometimes, our willful students — we can experience true mindfulness: 

a state of being joyfully present, focused, and connected.


HORSE LOGIC  - The Book 
Nicole's second book in the Animal Logic Series.

Cover DDraft.jpg

As you move through HORSE LOGIC ...


: Learn to see the world through your horse’s eyes — and connect in new and magical ways.

: Hone your intuition — attuning to subtle energetic shifts, non-verbal signals, and your own body-compass.


: Become a powerful listener, a precise + compassionate communicator, and a more confident decision-maker.

: Honor + celebrate your horse’s spirit — as you become aware, open + curious.


What will my

horse teach me


Be open and curious.

Imagine what it would be like to have your horse meet you at the gate when you call out to it in the pasture. How thrilling would it be if your horse stood at liberty while the farrier trimmed its hooves? How would you feel if your horse dropped its head into the bridle just because you asked? Suddenly, you and your horse would experience everything you do together, in trust, with willingness.

Your best guide is hairy and four-legged and lives in our backyard or at the boarding barn. 

Horse Consciousness

Ready for more?

Horse Consciousness
... a realm yet to be discovered



After payment is received you'll be redirected to the page that hosts the recording. Create a username and password and you'll be able to watch it.

What if we’re missing out on the most wondrous part about horses? What if horses are knocking on our doors ready to bring the wisdom and messages of horse consciousness into human society so people can look at horses more expansively and individuals can work together with their own horses in a different way?


How profound it will be when the dominant approach of humans fades away and new, true relationships grow among people and horses as respected equals.

Watch the trailer below. If the message resonates with you,  purchase the webinar to experience the wisdom of Horse Consciousness.

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