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1:1 Pendulum

Want to chat with your animals?

Let's get started!


Working with a pendulum has many uses:

Chatting with your animal/s

Balancing your Chakras
alancing your animal/s Chakras

Get help picking the right supplements

Learn what foods are right for your animal

Make clear decisions, big and small

Using a pendulum as a communication tool will change your life and that of your animals.

You will better understand your animals and open up your intuition to new levels. And, if you are a professional working with animals, using a pendulum adds another communication tool to your toolbox.

Personally, I like the attention and support a teacher or facilitator can provide one-on-one.
If you feel the same way and prefer individual attention, I've got you covered.
"Your Pendulum - Your Path To Animal Communication" is a 1:1, mini-intensive, designed for
those who want to learn how to use this life-changing communication tool.

In "Your Pendulum - Your Path To Animal Communication," we will meet on Zoom for three weeks, once a week, for 60 minutes. We'll explore the pendulum's capabilities and how to use it effectively. You'll receive a special package with a pendulum and a special animal communication tool I've developed over the last two decades. To get you started right away, you'll receive a video on how to use a pendulum.

Our first session will be all about connecting with your animal/s using your pendulum. Throughout this mini-intensive, you'll learn how to assess and connect with your animal/s body, mind, and spirit. You will become a mindful communicator. After each session, you can practice and play with your animals and the pendulum. A week later, we'll convene, and you can share your success stories and ask all the questions you have on your mind.

By the end of our three sessions, you will have the necessary skills to communicate with
your animals successfully using your pendulum. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your
bond with your animals and take your communication to the next level.
The course is $550.00.

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Can't wait to get started!

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