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What People Say

Joan Craig,
Equine Facilitator

Thank you Nicole...for your incredible insight, humor and 'ideas' from Diesel about how we should run our program. Smart cookie he is. I hope our participants can keep up with him.

Celia London,

Cat Owner

Thank you again so much, Nicole! We’re excited to try the new strategies—stroking his spine and giving him only love. It is so helpful to have our cat's insights on how we can help him settle into his new home.

Kellie Cordon,

Dog Owner

It was wonderful to talk to you last week.     I got so much from our conversation and really appreciated your thorough write-up.  


I've been more communicative with our dog, acknowledging that I am leaving, that she's right, and that she can relax because I'll see her later. We haven't had any panic attacks when we leave for the past week, so that's great! 
I also used your suggestion on how to break her focus on other dogs, the result was quite miraculous! 

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