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Rescue Puppy

Can you

help me?


Yes, I can...

Isn't it amazing how creative our furry and feathery companions are to get our attention?


They stare at us, they paw when we don’t respond. They use their bodies to engage us, and they bark, meow, and screech to let us know they have something important to say.


Often we're not quite sure what they are telling us, so we give them a treat or a pat and then move on with our day. That is, until they get so desperate to communicate that they up the ante and express themselves through an unexpected … or undesired behavior.   


Let's hear what your animal has to share.
I will give your
animal a voice.

When that happens we quickly feel at a loss. Who could help? 

A trainer? Often it is not a training issue. 

The veterinarian? Most times it is not a health issue. 

During our call, we will explore how you can bond more deeply with your animal, or tune in to understand the logic behind the unexpected behavior. Our animal communication sessions may include long-distance healing through energy work, which is especially beneficial for animals who've experienced:

​Your animal will feel seen, heard, and supported. And by understanding the world from your animal's point of view, you will walk away with new insights, solutions and peace of mind.

Ready To Tune In


There is always a reason.

Discover the potential for your relationship or the true meaning behind your animal’s behavior. Book a 45 min. animal communication call. 

Connect Deeply


Dive into the relationship

Considering a new animal?

Is your animal at the end of life?

Are you dealing with complex behaviors, or

want a deeper relationship?

Book a series of three phone sessions to

create a meaningful dialogue.



My animals are my soul partners.

We chat, we hang out, and we are best friends. The mentorship is for you if you crave a deep relationship with your animal.

PET LOGIC  - The Book 
One of Nicole's books in the Animal Logic Series.

Cover not final.jpg

​Does your cat trip you up – literally – when you rush to get out of the house?


Does your dog sometimes act really goofy, especially when you need cheering up?

Does your horse fidget around during grooming?


When our animals “speak” to us we are given a choice: we can dismiss them as silly and goofy or we can choose to stop… and listen.


And this is what my book Pet Logic is all about…

By knowing how to listen to your pet, you will be shown a world that is nothing short of miraculous.


What Clients Say

Thank you Nicole... for your incredible

insight, humor and 'ideas' from Diesel about how we should run our program.

Smart cookie he is. I hope our

participants can keep up with him.

I will book another session soon! 

Joan Craig, Equine Facilitator

The sessions we have are so powerful and profound. I am so very grateful to you and all that you have enlightened me with. My relationship with LeRoi has truly benefited, it goes beyond the physical realm and into a world where the heart and connection define reality.

Maddy Zamel, Cat Owner

It was wonderful to talk to you last week.

I got so much from our conversation.

I've been more communicative with our

dot, acknowledging that I am leaving and

that she can relax because I'll see her

later. We haven't had any panic attacks!

Kellie Cordon, Dog Owner

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