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Founder of 
Mindful Connections® 
Animal Communication Specialist
Workshop Facilitator

Webinar Leader

Noted Speaker

Podcast  Host


Nicole lives in Southern Vermont with her partner, three horses, two cats,
a dog, and one sassy goat.

Nicole Birkholzer, speaker, author, educator, is an animal communicator, and equine behavior and communication specialist. Her unique approach to working with all animals is based on respect, deep listening, and ancient wisdom. Nicole's work is informed by over two decades of working one-on-one with individual animals, animal rescue organizations, and as the director of a therapeutic riding center. 


Over 20 years, Nicole has developed a mindful communication and problem-solving approach informed by traditional skills and inspired by ancient animal wisdom, ​

the Mindful Connections® Approach.


In her consultations, webinars, workshops, and talks Nicole teaches you to engage with your animals in the present moment, explores the logic behind your animal's behaviors, and helps you find mindful solutions.

Nicole's animal communication sessions may include long-distance healing through energy work, which is especially beneficial for animals

who've experienced:

  • injury

  • surgery

  • mental, emotional, physical trauma


The healing sessions are informed by Nicole's expertise as an essential oil practitioner, her training in Flowtrition, and the knowledge she has received from the animal kingdom about healing and self-healing.​


My Story

Fifteen years ago, I was driving down a country road, reminiscing about my late horse, Okie, who had died eight months earlier.  As the truck rumbled and the green pastures rolled by, I missed him terribly and kept wondering about our relationship and how it had evolved.  I had hired trainers and instructors to help me “fix” my animals and build better relationships with my horses and dog, but something remained unresolved and unsettled.   


In the midst of this pondering, Okie’s image popped into my mind, along with a message: "Don't ask how I can come to you. Ask how you can come to me."


With this statement came the understanding: the animals were not my problem — I was. 

I had spent too much time in my head trying to do it “right” when what I really needed to do was to connect heart-to-heart. 


I immediately pulled the truck over to write down the exact words. This quiet moment on the side of the road struck deep and changed my life and my career. In the weeks following the epiphany, I carefully considered the question: “How could I meet my animals where they lived, in the now?"

Mind-Full Meeting in The Now all animals
Meeting in The Now all animals copyright

Okie had brought back my longing to connect with horses, with all animals, with the open-hearted simplicity of my childhood: riding my horse across the fields with the wind in my hair, laughing and carefree. Rolling around in the grass with my grandparent's dog, and reading a book with the neighboring cat curled up beside me.  

Remember feeling like this? I bet you do. 

You know in your heart, as a child you were communicating with your animals.  This open-hearted tenderness was simple but powerful. If you’re anything like me, you still cherish these beautiful memories because connecting with a furry living being made you feel truly alive. 

For years, I yearned to return to these experiences as an adult. But the harder I tried, the farther away I got from the connection I was seeking.

I had stopped listening. Stopped seeing. Stopped being present. 

The instant I received Okie’s message, I understood what to do differently. I had to let go of any thoughts that held me in the past or put me into the future.  I needed to observe closely and base my decisions and actions on the horse standing in front of me.

When I expanded that new perspective to all animals, I finally remembered and experienced again the joy I knew as a child...connecting with my animals spirit-to-spirit


You too can return to that place of deep, meaningful relationships with your animals and with yourself. When you meet your animals where they live, in the now, you will find what you have been seeking: a deep bond. 


This is the essence of Mindful Connections®.

As we tune in and become present with your animal you will feel deeply connected. Your relationship will expand and you will begin to understand  the logic behind an unexpected or undesired behavior. I am here to help.  Not just for your animal’s quality of life, but also for your own. 

Ready To Tune In


There is always a reason.

Discover the potential for your relationship or the true meaning behind your animal’s behavior. Book a 45 min. animal communication call. 

Connect Deeply


Dive into the relationship

Considering a new animal?

Is your animal at the end of life?

Are you dealing with complex behaviors, or

want a deeper relationship?

Book a series of three phone sessions to

create a meaningful dialogue.



My animals are my soul partners.

We chat, we hang out, and we are best friends. The mentorship is for you if you crave a deep relationship with your animal.


Cover not final.jpg



Nicole's first book PET LOGIC

(which was named #1 animal book at HuffPost and featured on VPR-Vermont Public Radio), shares the observations and magical moments she’s had with animals over the last

two decades.

Cover DDraft.jpg



Nicole's second book.


a must-read if you believe that horses are your soul mates and in your life to teach you about their wisdom. 

What Clients Say

I did notice the changes you mentioned. He seems much more confident and his energy level is much better, but he also seems soft and at peace.

This is even more striking since I moved him and Mo to a new barn fairly suddenly. Of course, I told them what was happening, but they have settled in beautifully.

Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of my horses."

Kathy King, Horse Owner

Thank you so much for helping me last night! I only had a short amount of time to see Ellie today.

I initially didn't think I was going to get anywhere with her, she just kept walking around me in her stall.

Then she started yawning as I had my hand on her lower thoracic/upper lumbar area and she just kept yawning. It was incredible!

Thank you again."

Krista Cole, DVM

After our call with Nicole, Brooke and I felt we identified his strengths and realized the insecurities he needed us to help him with. Nicole expressed Shay's needs and provided us with a plan. She taught us how to assess Shay's body and mind, and perform specific bodywork exercises that would help us all balance, connect, and stay present.

After putting it all into action, I can honestly say we have a more meaningful...productive relationship with this wonderful horse. We have witnessed a positive change in all of us. We are so pleased."

Lissa & Brooke, Horse Owners

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