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Nicole Birkholzer, speaker, author, educator, is an animal communicator, and equine behavior and communication specialist.  Her unique approach to working with all animals is based on respect, deep listening, and ancient wisdom. Her work is informed by over twenty years of working one-on-one with individual animals, riding centers, and organizations.


"As a young girl in Germany, horses were my playmates, my confidants, and my peers.

A surprise job opportunity carried me to New York City, at age 23. I spoke 50 words of English and carried vocabulary cards in my purse to guide me through the tangled urban jungle. I remember the steel, the smoke, and being booted out of a bagel shop because I couldn’t order fast enough. I loved the speed, the intensity, and the energy.


But I missed – especially - horses.


Five years later, I found myself with a high-powered advertising job — and a volunteer position at a therapeutic riding center on the Upper West Side. I was thrilled to be back with my equine companions and dreamed of devoting my life to their protection and care.


Apparently, dreams do come true.


I left the corporate world to study Equine Science & Management at the Kentucky Horse Park after which I became the director of a therapeutic riding center, raising half a million dollars for a new equine-therapy facility. I witnessed the incredible healing power of horses — their ability to calm, soothe, and empower everyone who visited the center.


That job crystallized for me: that we all want to be seen and heard, man and beast.


Starting from that premise, I discovered, that to communicate effectively and meaningfully with animals, we must meet them where they live ... in the now."


Nicole founded Mindful Connections® and developed a mindful communication and problem-solving approach deeply inspired by animal wisdom.

The Mindful Connections® Approach teaches you to engage with your animals in the present moment, explores the logic behind your animal's behaviors, and helps you find mindful solutions.

Nicole's first book PET LOGIC (which was named #1 animal book at HuffPost and featured on VPR-Vermont Public Radio), in it she shares some of the observations and magical moments she had with animals over the last two decades. 

Founder of 
Mindful Connections® 
Animal Communication Specialist
Workshop Facilitator

Webinar Leader

Noted Speaker

Podcast  Host


 Nicole lives in southern Vermont with her partner, two horses, three cats,
a dog, and one sassy goat.

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An intuitive consultation is not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis or training. I can not give you a diagnosis and I can’t prescribe. If your animal is ill or injured, please seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner, ideally a holisitic veterinarian – check or a qualified trainer.

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