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Horse Sense

Owner: My horse just doesn't like to walk past those boats by the pond. Nicole: Let's take a walk and figure out what he's concerned about.

When we got to the location, the horse stopped in his tracks at the sight of the boats.

Nicole: The boats are nothing to worry about. Horse: I am not worried about the boats, I am worried about the energy that comes from the area behind the boats.

This private barn call in NC blew my mind wide open. Based on the horse's comment, his owner and I explored the area around the boats a little more.

Suddenly, I felt a sense of dread.

I had a vision of dead animals. A cemetery or animal burial ground?

There was a house upon a hill behind the boats and every time I looked up to the house the energy radiating from house pushed me literally onto my heels.

Later, we walked back out without the horse but with my dowsing rods. And, yes, the dosing rods turned in the same spot where the horse's skid marks graced the ground.

My client said, "... who knew, my horse is an equine dowsing rod."

Later we learned that, indeed, animals had died in mysterious ways on the property.

Horses are energy sponges. We can never punish them for being reactive because they always have a reason for their behavior.

Sometimes another horse entering the ring is the last bit that leads to a reaction ... and sometimes it's the creepy energy coming from a property that can put a horse over the edge.


If you want to learn more about your horses unusual behavior, book a phone session.

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