Finding Strengths Within

Nicole: Gertie, how do you feel?

Gertie: It was a shock to my system. We had a cord, we were deeply connected, deeper than obvious to the eye.

I feel ripped, ripped apart. I will get better but will need to process this for a while. He gave me a lot of strengths. I will have to turn inward and regroup and find strength within.

This morning, when I looked through my notes, the ones I take during my animal communication session, my eyes fell on Gertie's words. Gertie is a beautiful mule at the Save Your Ass Longear rescue.

Gertie stood witness when her beloved companion Marlin had to be euthanized. Ann, the director of the rescue had reached out for me to check in with Gertie because she seemed troubled by the loss.

Reading what Gertie shared with Ann and me that day feels like a reflection of what many of us are going through right now as well with the pandemic.  

We went through a shock, we are realizing that we're more deeply connected to loved ones than obvious to the eye, we understand how much strength others give us, and we are also asked right now to turn inward and regroup so we can find the strength within ourselves to get through this crisis. 

Gertie gave us great insight into how we could help her ... Ann spent time with Gertie and offered her some hands-on healing on her sacrum, to support Gertie's second Chakra, which is the relationship Chakra.

Hannah, Gertie's fierce caretaker, offered her therapeutic essential oils and connected her with another equine for companionship. 

We can do the same for ourselves. We have the chance, right now, to reach out and ask someone to chat with us, we can sniff a healing oil or take a bath. Gertie is showing us how we can find the strength within. 

P.S. I am happy to report that Gertie is doing much better ... 

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