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Horse Wisdom

Riley: "... humans come to us with their knowledge and their tools, ready to apply them to us. Often they forget that we have knowledge too, that we like to be part of the experience, offer our skills and knowledge."

This quote by Riley, a Warmblood mare, brought up a lot of questions for me and her owner.

What if horses are knocking on our doors ready to bring the wisdom and messages of horse consciousness to us so we can have a different experience, look at horses more expansively?

What if our horses have information that would bring us closer together?

Create a different partnership so that both individuals are heard and seen?

I had to know and turned to the horses, one in particular, Zander, to get some answers.

What he shared was profound.

Riley was right, horses have a lot of knowledge and it is important for us to learn about it.

I'm sharing the knowledge horses so gladly 'bestow' on us with you in my webinar "Horse Consciousness ... a realm yet to be discovered".


If you would love to hear your horse's wisdom, let's tune in. 

Book a phone session here.

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