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I'll Rest With You

"One of the saddest things I do is the euthanasia of the animal that you just know will be the person's last - because of the person's age."

This sentence was part of a paragraph that arrived in an email written by a new client. I connected with her dog during our session, who gave us some great ideas for bringing new adventures into their lives. At the end of our call, Megan explained that she was a veterinarian and passionate about helping animals at the end of their lives. Her services include hospice-like support and euthanasia for pets.

In the email, Megan says, All euthanasia's are sad, but there is a tremendously final aspect when you know you are taking away that person's last companion. Truly heartbreaking.

Letting go of our animals is a hardship we animal lovers accept.

Heavily. But accepting we do. Because the payoff is so big and I don't need to list the reasons. If you love animals, you know. If you don't, read on; maybe you will change your mind.

We, friends of furry and feathery critters, look at aging differently than most.

When we get a new animal, we do the math, "My dog should get to 12 if not fourteen years, that means I will be in my late fifties, and that means I can still have at least three decades worth of dogs after that."

Personally, I have taken this further, imagining my eighty-year-old self picking a 26-year-old horse from an auction, hoping to give us both a couple of good years together.

But, I had never, ever thought about what Megan described in her paragraph. That there will come a day when I have to face that the animal I feel under my hands is the last animal I will ever put to rest. To that, I say ... put me to rest right next to it.

May the birds continue to sing in the morning. May our resident fox continue to yip, and the neighboring dogs continue to bark. I will hear them faintly as I drift, together with my very last furry companion, back into consciousness where we will be one … once again.

I am beyond thankful for the animals in my life.

Mine. Yours. And those who move through our property on four legs and on wings.

Have a wonderful time with your furry or feathery companion over the holiday!

Yours, Nicole

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