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We Want To Teach You About Hooves

Over the years, my friend Mary and I have connected with Horse Consciousness via her Morgan gelding, Zander.

More than once, Zander and Horse Consciousness reminded us to attend to the feet of the horse.

"Naturally, the hoof of a horse is a feeling, vibrating part of the body."

Zander explained that energy can get stuck in the horse's feet and that there is a simple way for us, their human, to help increase the flow.

Next time after you pick your horse's hooves, tap the sole of the hoof with your fingertips. Just simply tap the sole, the frog, the bulbs with your fingertips as if to awaken the foot. Then, after you gently placed the hoof back onto the ground, tap the walls of the hoof to revitalize them as well.

Through their feet, horses, just like us, can release energy that is no longer beneficial to Mother Earth. They can also pull up healthy life energy from Mother Earth.

However, stress and overwhelm can block the energy from flowing, and a simple tap, tap, tap, randomly across the bottom and the hoof walls can open the channels again.

When the channels are open, the horse can regulate the energy him/herself and release nonbeneficial energy with more ease.

P.S. In case you're wondering if there is a particular place or way to tap ... there is not. When I asked Zander that question, he said, "You are thinking too much. Just tap the hoof, so it remembers to open the channels again :-)

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