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Your Animal, Your Mentor

Hi and hello. I just love hanging out with you every week to chat more about animals and their neat ways to keep us in the now.

Before I get into today’s topic, I want to tell you one other thing first … I find watching my animals is often the most intimate way of being with them.

The other day, I saw Scout stepping onto our deck, marching up to the railing, and looking over the snow-covered pasture with eagle eyes. He slowly gazed from the left side of the property along the forest line, slowly turning his head to the right, scanning, scanning, scanning. And then he went from right to left in slow motion, seemingly focusing on another section or layer of the land to see if anyone was intruding on his herd. Watching this go on for a minute or so is precious and chest expanding. As much as he is my sweet Scoot-Matoot, snuggle bug and all. Scout also has a serious, earnest side that I admire and respect deeply.

Try it out. When your animal is doing something that is their way of life. Watch them quietly. Don't speak or interrupt it with your words or energy. Just sit or stand and breathe and watch. Breathe and watch, breathe and watch. Let me know where you feel the feels when you do.

Alright, today I want to talk about the mentorship I have started to talk about on social media and in my newsletter. Because this mentorship is led by your animals, I called it Your Animal, Your Mentor.

As you might know by now, I love to connect with animals in profound and magical ways. I love that my dog is not just a dog, my horse is not just a horse, and my cat is not just a cat. They are my soul partners who I have conversations with. Who I love to hang out with, and who are my best friends.

And if you are listening to my podcast, chances are that is also the relationship you're craving.

If you want to communicate and connect with your animal through your body mind, and intuition … then the mentorship is for you. Because I will teach you anything and everything from my toolbox that fits your journey. And your animals will guide you along the way just like my animals do daily.

Our first of six phone sessions will be all about you. Do you love that idea? Or does it make you go a little cringy? All about me? What does that mean? Usually, I make it about the ones around me.


Because you're the center of the family who holds it all together and supports everyone, the solid rock that friends and family lean on, and the leader your animals depend on…

We will focus on you.

You get to share all the things you already know and like about animals and animal communication. During that call, I will also meet your animals, your mentors, and we will chat with them about your goals and the things you dream of. Then, together with your animals, we will define your personal goals and tailor a plan for our 6-session journey to communicate with animals successfully.

In session two, we will examine your connection with your animals. How are they reaching out to you? Are they offering you energy work? Are they asking you for energy work? For help? For something yet to be found out? Let’s connect with them. Verbally. Somatically. Telepathically.

In session three, we will explore the laser-sharp communication tool called your voice. We will open your throat Chakra if it is stuck…yes, Chakra Balances for you are part of every call ;-).

We will speak with your animal/s and learn about their personality and voice. If you heard me speak with one of your animals, you know how each animal has their own expressions and phrasing. In this call, we will figure out how you can best communicate with your animal/s. And recognize their individuality. Is your dog a soother or a worker, is your cat a healer or a property surveyor? Is your horse a truth keeper or a heart balancer? As we get to know your animal, you will develop a shared vocabulary of verbal and energetic queues to guide your choices + daily activities.

In week four, we hone your senses to catch what happens before "what happens, happens.” It will prevent unexpected and undesired behaviors. Your animals and also your own … haha. Your animals live by body and instinct. And your animals invite you to live through your senses and grow your body awareness. In this call we will raise your awareness from ordinary to extraordinary. Knowing It. Feeling It. Seeing It. Hearing It. And then you get to practice and report back when we get together for call number five.

In week five, we explore how you intuitively communicate. You might see, feel, smell, and KNOW all at once. You might sense, hear, and perceive in a particular order. You are as unique and as special as they come, and we will hone in on your particular set of innate tools.

And, because you are Unique, this Mentorship is Unique. As you can already imagine, this is not a cookie-cutter mentorship where I put together some pearls of wisdom I gathered along the forestry path. No, this is your animals mentoring you because they know you best, they want your best, and they are the best to teach you. And I, the guide by your side, will add my decades of coaching, animal communication, energy healing, and plant medicine knowledge to facilitate a unique and specially tailored experience for you.

In week six, we will review and envision. We will chat about loose ends and dreams that are ready to become a reality. And, together with your animal/s counsel, we look at your clarified purpose and mission and commit to the next steps to fulfill it.

Now, not only will you be seen and heard, but here is the bonus, your animal will feel seen and heard. And when we, human or animal, feel seen and heard, we enter a space of infinite possibilities. Before you know it, you will communicate with your body, mind, and spirit with your animals and the world around you.

When you bring your passion and desire to communicate and connect, your animals will show up and speak up. Add to that my expertise, and in six sessions, we will create a foundation for you to connect and communicate with animals and all of life in mindful and meaningful ways.

I want to share an example of how my animals mentor me and how I respond to it.

Let’s talk about Scout again. 🙂 Aside from surveying the land, he is also very tuned in to my energy.

I have told you in an earlier episode about him getting belly aches when I stress over something.

Now, here is another aspect of his care. During my phone session days, I often sit for several hours in my chair on the phone, working with my furry and feathery clients. I will get up to get more tea or throw the horses hay, but otherwise, I am dedicated to my chair.

Speaking of my chair, it is kind of like a low cocktail lounger seat. And once in a while, Scout’s cold, wet nose gooses the back of my upper arms. Has your dog ever nosed you right there near the armpit? It is the weirdest oddest sensation. Not fun.

But, guess what he gets my attention. And I have learned that his nose tells me I sat for too long and need to move my body.

If I am not on the phone at that moment, I will tell Scout verbally, “One more call, Scooty, and then we’ll head out to feed the horses.”

If I am on the phone, I will physically wave my hand or telepathically show him a visual of him lying down and us going out later.

Now, if Scout does not respond to any of it and keeps nudging me … I know I misread his reason for nudging.

The next thing I can offer is plant medicine. Since I sit among the essences and oils, I either do a quick dowse or go straight to Sweetgrass Water. Scout is oil-sensitive. Many scents are too strong for him. But when I spritz Sweetgrass water on my arm, Scout sniffs and licks it and then moseys off to take a snooze.

As you can see, we are in dialogue. Scout reminds me to either take care of myself, get up and move, or sniff an oil.

I get to learn from him and through him that my body is tired or my energy waning.

I also learned that it is not always about me; sometimes he needs something, and since I am busy providing it to my clients, he also makes sure I include him.

And I get to practice what he needs. Sweetgrass today, but I also check if he needs something else here and there. Or, if he keeps nudging after I offered options one and two, I might dowse what else Scout needs to keep him happy for one more hour while I attend to my work.

Communicating like this with Scout feels like a gentle back and forth. Each of us reminds the other of the larger picture of wellness. I kid you not. He just came in from the outside and nudged my underarm. I am wearing a long sleeve shirt today, and no wet nose goosies.

And he is right. My back feels a little stiff, and I need to get moving.

Good timing since we’re near the end.

If you desire the same kind of soul connection with your animals, reach out to me. Being guided by your animals might just be what the wellness doctor ordered. In this mentorship, your animals and I will be teaching/mentoring/and guiding you to connect with your body, mind, and intuition so you communicate with animals (and the rest of your life ;)) in magical and meaningful ways.

Can’t wait to connect with you in person … have a beautiful day.

Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen.

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