Episode #40 Feel Into It - Podcast

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Hello, my sweet listeners … we’ve been hanging out via this podcast for about a year now. Last November, I wrote and recorded the first 12 episodes. They were in the can.

The script came to me in March of 2021. Literally, came to me. During that time, every morning, I grabbed my laptop and wrote down everything I knew and what the animals had taught me. Three weeks later, Part 1 was done. Part 1 turned into this podcast sharing with you the biggest secret of communicating with our animals.

Having a chat. Verbally. With your animals.

It is the biggest and best tool in your grooming box.

Period. Full Stop.

Let’s breathe on that one.


Part 2 is about your hands-on, energetic, and somatic skills. I have talked about it in many podcasts if you recall. I constantly learn from animals how we can use our bodies, hands, and energy to connect and communicate with our furry and feathery friends. And I love to share it.

And part three is about our intuitive skills. Allowing our bodies to feel our intuition. Keep our minds open and curious to hear, see, and intuit as we connect with our furry and feathered friends.

I am excited to facilitate how to communicate with words, body, and intuition at a therapeutic riding center later this month. And I can’t wait to see what the participants and the horses will create and what we will learn that day.

Over the winter, I will design a course for you. So, no that matter where you live, we can work together. Helping you become fluent in communicating with your body, mind, and intuition. Yay 2023!

In case you wonder what that means, I can tell you already that …

: You’ll learn to see the world through your animal’s eyes — and experience your own life through a beautiful new lens.

: You’ll become a powerful listener, a precise + compassionate communicator, and a more confident decision-maker.

: You’ll hone your intuition — attuning to subtle energetic shifts, non-verbal signals, and your own body compass.

And, maybe most importantly : You’ll honor + celebrate your animal’s spirit and your own — as you connect in meaningful and mindful ways.