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#91 Your Pendulum => Your Path To Animal Communication

Hello, my friends and kindred spirits.

I am excited to chat with you about something that has the potential to change … your … life when it comes to communicating with your animals.

Let me start at the beginning. I grew up in a very paradoxical Universe. I was surrounded by cerebral individuals like my dad, an engineer; his mother, a widow at a young age who raised a very pragmatic son who became an engineer ;-) And my grandfather, on my mom’s side, is the founder of a successful business.

And then, on the other end of the spectrum, was my mom’s mom. Grandma could foresee the future in her dreams. If I remember correctly, when she dreamed of blueberries, it meant someone was not well. When she dreamed of fire, someone was going to die. As a child, I found those stories about grandma’s dreams intriguing and scary. Probably partly because whenever my grandma mentioned those dreams, my grandfather generally shushed her, and she got eye-rolls from the rest of the family.

Funny enough, the same grandfather who shushed Grandma was intuitive himself.

He snatched a willow branch off a tree, slit the branch halfway so it would shape an inverted Y, and marched around people’s homes, and when the tip of the branch tipped and twitched, he knew he had arrived at underground water. Grandpa was dowsing for water. Why, one might wonder? Well, he explained to me that some people are sensitive to underground water lines. It can cause sleep issues. So he was helping people find the dry spot where to move the bed, so to speak :-) Interesting, right?

But my point here is that Grandpa was revered for his skill while Grandma had to keep it hush-hush.

When I was initially introduced to dowsing, I looked at it as paradoxical as I was raised.

I would see and believe it when I watched other practitioners use dowsing rods or a pendulum.

But also always felt I needed proof that it was so.

If you wonder what a dowsing rod is. It’s basically a version of the willow branch. Two metal rods that swivel in your hands indicate a change in energy or ask yes and no questions.

A pendulum is a small weight on a string or chain. It can be any weight, and it can be on any string or chain. Pendulums are usually small, about 1/2 inch by 1 inch in size. The chain or string is usually about 8 inches long. The whole thing fits easily in a small pocket. You can make a simple pendulum by using a string and a nut.

Throughout history, pendulums have been used to locate water, gold, gems, and other valuable items. In Europe, early scientists and doctors used pendulums to find infections and energetically weak areas of the body. The pendulum works like muscle testing, also called applied kinesiology. Your subconscious knows what you need to know. The pendulum will show

you the answer by picking up and amplifying the subtle vibrations from your subconscious through your body, causing the dowsing rods to swirl and the pendulum to swing.

In my work, I use the dowsing rods only occasionally. I use one when a horse has lameness issues. The rod shows me the source of the lameness.

My pendulum, on the other hand, I use that a lot.


A gazillion times a day in my animal communication sessions.

My pendulum is an extension of me. It is my direct line to the Universal knowledge available to me. By using my pendulum, I can get quick yes and no answers from an animal.

Do you want a pet sitter? Yes? No?

Stay at the kennel? Yes? No?

Are you anxious because of the new puppy? Yes? No?

Do you want a flower essence to help your anxiety? Yes? No?

See what I mean?

Instead of taking my 70+ essences and oils to a barn call, I dowse which essence or oil the horse needs today and grab those bottles.

Just for all those reasons it is worth learning how to dowse.

But let’s not forget that you can also learn how to communicate with your animals to solve problems and challenges when you use the pendulum.

All the mentees in the “Your Animal, Your Mentor” mentorship learn to use the pendulum. It is a fun, helpful, and often mindblowing experience. Working with a pendulum lets you get creative and clear communication. And you will utilize it in a gazillion ways.

I had mentioned last fall that I wanted to start a pendulum class this winter. After much thought, I offer you 1:1 sessions instead of a group experience.

I love the personal attention I get from a teacher or facilitator one-on-one. Someone who tunes in to me and supports me and my animals as I learn a new skill relating to my animals.

I know I always have a million questions, and in a group setting, I often feel like I don’t want to take up too much space. Ughh, I can feel the discomfort in my body.

So, for you who feel the same and prefer one-on-one attention, I have the right mini-intensive for you. The name of the mini-intensive is, you probably guessed it, “Your Pendulum Your Path To Animal Communication.”

I am so excited to make this an official program. I feel this tool, you using a pendulum to communicate and learn and get blown away by how natural it will become, will change lives—yours, that of your animals, and that of the animals in your professional care.

And the pendulum is basically the muscle you use to build your intuition super highway.

I can’t wait to explain that metaphor. It includes cobblestones.

Anyway, I am excited to spend face-to-face time with you and your animals to ensure you’re all seen and heard.

You might be wondering what I mean by mini-intensive.

We will meet on Zoom for three weeks, once a week for sixty minutes.

You will receive a video from me on how to use a pendulum.

Once you are up and swinging, sign up for your first call with me.

I will teach you how to connect with your animals using your pendulum.

We will use some fun and engaging tools I developed over the last twenty years.

One of the tools, the Wellness wheel, will help you assess your animal’s body, mind, and spirit.

Then you go off and practice and play, and a week later, we convene again.

You bring your questions and success stories.

And I will teach you the next piece, rinse and repeat.

The pendulum is a simple tool that helps balance, heal, and clear your mind and body. And it enables you to seek answers to questions through subtle energy.

If you are curious about that subtle energy, I invite you to start by using your entire body as a pendulum. Check the show notes. I put down a link that gets you to a video I made. It’s called Body Sway. Watch it, try it out. If your body sways back and forth to show a yes and a no, you are ready for the new 1:1 intensive Your Pendulum -> Your Path to Animal Communication.

Sigh …..

One of my favorite teachers always signed his email with Remember you’re divine!

And I want to say to you today, remember you are divine. And when you tune into that delicious divine intuition of yours, your life is rich and layered and exciting because there are always new things to discover. The pendulum was one of those discoveries for me. It helped me connect the inherited dichotomy of being cerebral and intuitive. If that sounds like a delicious, divine idea to integrate your thinking mind with your intuitive self, then let’s get the pendulum swinging.

Watch the video. Do the body sway. Once you figure out your yes and no, email me or contact me through my website to sign you up for the first 1:1.

I can’t wait to get started. Until next time, auf Wiedersehen.

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