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#42 P.S.

And now, one more example for us cat lovers.

Our cat Flitzer is outside a lot. He puts a lot of effort into exploring the outdoors, marking his territory. And to bring myself more into his experience, I love watching him watch nature.

I will watch him from the kitchen window sit tight at the edge of the flower bed. I notice the whiskers changing position and see his body tense. Then again relax, and lose all tension. Such a rollercoaster of on-off, on-off, on-off.

Flitzer often comes on walks with us. And I will make it a point to slow my walk down to his pace, which is sometimes challenging. Allowing him to determine our speed. Putting my foot down, in the same way, he places his paws, Looking where he looks. Stopping when he stops. Noticing how much effort it is to slow my body is challenging and rewarding at the same time. While connecting and communicating with Flitzer in this moment of time, moving and living in sync is priceless.

Maybe these three examples inspire you.

I will use this wonderful time of year to slow down. If you want to join me … I know your animals are ready to take you into the experience.

They are waiting for you to see, feel, and smell the world through their senses and your own 🙂

Until next time, bye, bye, und Tschuess.

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