Aligning With The Universe


#24 Aligning with The Universe Listen here

In a recent animal communication session, I tuned in to Pippa, a dog.

I am asking her right now how I might introduce her to you, the listener, and she says, how about, “a white dog with black spots who once had a muscular body.”

You got it, Pippa. There you have it, dear listener

“A white dog with black spots who once had a muscular body.”

Pippa’s person, Renee, had booked the session to check in with her furry menagerie before heading out of town for five days.

A few minutes before our call, I pictured the furry family, and Pippa popped to the forefront, wanting to engage with me. Sometimes, the moment I organize my thoughts about my schedule and who I will be speaking with next, an animal might jump already in, wanting to share something.

As Pippa reached out to me, I immediately thought of their house sitter, Mike. I sensed that something was up with the house sitter. Pippa confirmed, “Someone else might be coming instead of Mike.’

When I got on the phone with Renee, I relayed the information. Low and behold, Mike had COVID, and he was one day short of getting out of quarantine. Therefore, for one day, someone else would have to come and pet sit.

Renee explained that Pippa must have listened in on the conversation she had with her mom and sister about the situation and therefore received the news that way.

Pippa jumped in and said, “Yes, that's one way of getting information in the 3- D world. But there is another way of getting information.’

Pippa continued, “We think of information as being given or receiving it. In reality, there is no separation between giving and receiving. Information simply is. It is always available.”

I sensed that the information Pippa referred to was Universal knowledge, sometimes called Akashik records or the library in the sky. I saw a visual of us humans being surrounded and part of all the wisdom in the world. I felt small, surrounded by all that wisdom.

Pippa understood and explained to us that the challenge for us humans and animal beings is that there's only so much information we can hold in the vessel that is our embodiment.

According to animals, animals and humans are Consciousness that manifests or embodies in a physical structure with a mind.

As physical beings with a mind, we are given a chance to process things through our senses and our mind.

Pippa continued to explain the body can only take in so much energy before it gets overwhelmed, and immediately I imagined myself standing in a large city, with lots of car noise, a carnival in front of me, loud music, lights, and too many people. My solar plexus contracted.

Pippa continued that the mind can also only process so much information before it gets overwhelmed. She showed me, people in offices being pulled left and right by tasks, calendars, meetings, and phone calls, trying to keep track of everything. My head was ready to explode just thinking about it.