Be In the Experience

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After various careers, I have honed in on making a living fulfilling three of my passions.

First and foremost, animal communication. Helping animals voice their thoughts. Their opinions. Their concerns. And their wisdom … is the best. And helping animals feel better because they are grieving, recuperating, stressing, or transitioning … also the best.

Secondly, we got a sweet Airbnb. A former flower barn turned get-away with a fenced-in yard for doggies. Loooove it. Many human guests love sitting on the covered porch watching their pooch cruise through the Goldenrods and down the mowed paths. We have many city and urban dogs who we FINALLY offer a backyard to sniff and toy around in without a leash.

Being a hostess of the mostess means laundry, ironing, folding towels, and getting the Studio cleaned and ready for our guests. Twice a week. Sometimes three times.

And thirdly, 14 hours a week, I manage a gallery owned by two incredible women artists who work in glass and ceramics. That’s where I learned to carve my tiles and coasters. During those 14 hours, I get to be around highly acclaimed artists who have made it. I get to help every artist we represent in the gallery bring their heart and skill into the world. And that feels really good!

Every one of those three - I am making quotation marks here - “jobs” is really important to me.

Each of these jobs feeds me on so many levels.

And yet … though I might have the most mindful and meaningful work. I needed a break last week. A serious one.

And, it had finally all lined up.

As you know, for us animal people, it's not so easy to line everything up. Because while everything else for the trip is lined up, we usually still need to find somebody who can take care of our animals. Always an interesting little challenge, isn’t it?

But our stars were aligned last week, and David, my awesome, and I drove down to the Cape to visit family and friends.

By the time we were on 495 South, the animals, and their care had left my mind. I knew Scout, our dog was in great hands, and our horses and cats were cared for by good friends as well. \We were a text away if they really needed us.

As we drove over the Sagamore Bridge, my energy changed. There is something intriguing about driving onto an island, or in this case, a peninsula, separated from land by a canal.

It felt to me that we were leaving our regular world altogether.

Ideas that had been lingering around the edges of my mind suddenly came into focus. They crystallized. Driving down the road in silence was the perfect portal for ideas and insights to emerge because nothing else was clogging my mind.

Do you know that feeling? When you have so many wonderful ideas but nothing is quite clear about the how, when, or where?

On the drive, a lot of those ideas came into focus.