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Being In Dialogue

Show Notes

:: Being in dialogue means that two beings communicate back and forth.

How do we do that, mammal to mammal? Through our body, mind, and intuition.

Human to human, we dance, we talk, we read the other’s mind, aka, are attuned to our intuition.

:: Animals do the same, they play, they hunt or graze, they how, bark, or neigh, and they are attuned to each other’s energy.

:: It is such a benefit when you start a young animal off by speaking verbally with her or him. It clears up so much confusion. The animal doesn’t have to give it a hundred tries to find out what is allowed and asked of her, by telling the animal what you need and by praising what the animal does a lot of clarity is given and you are setting up a great foundation from which any additional education can follow.

:: That said, many animals I encounter have never been given a chance to respond to a verbal request. And that means, your cockatoo, pup, or kitty might initially be surprised to be asked. And that means, be patient.

:: After you ask or tell your animal something, always, always, always take a conscious breath before expecting an answer. Animals usually take at least one if not two breaths, absorbing your request before they respond.

:: I am not teaching you a cookie-cutter approach, because we are all individuals, humans, and animals. I am here to help you understand how you can go back to the natural way of being with animals that you already know. I am here to help you re-member. I love the word re-member. It sounds like a member who is ready to step back into the membership. And that membership is for a world where you are tuned in to body, mind, and spirit and the world you are part of and surrounded by.

:: Here are a few thoughts on how to be in dialogue:

- Apologize if you got something wrong.

- Keep your promises to your animal.

- Use your party voice to get an effective recall.

To listen to my special moment with Buddy, the first horse whos poke to me listen to Episode 8


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