Brother From Another Mother

Before heading out to North Dakota to find the perfect companion for our herd among the Nokota® Horses, I asked our palomino QH, Cutter, what kind of companion he was looking for.

Nicole: ‘Cutter, could we get a foal?’

Cutter: “I do not have the capacity to take care of a foal. We need someone ready to help take care of the herd.’

Nicole: “Would you like a horse who is a natural leader?”

Cutter: “I do not want to be challenged. I am a good leader. I need a horse willing to contribute and respect me as a leader.”

Along with his words, Cutter provided me with a feeling. I sensed that I would know what the right horse would feel like.

Shortly after our conversation, I traveled once again to North Dakota to look for the perfect herd mate.

Out in the prairie, I met hundreds of horses. Walking through the white sage and prairie grasses, I connected and observed the natural lifestyle and incredible interactions.

This was my first hello, meeting Leo Kuntz's band of stallions ...

A little while later, I met this gentle soul but didn't feel any major connection.

Then I met Blue Eyes and his posse.