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Did You Provide A Job Description?

Dunn did not know the job description.

He had come three years prior to be part riding horse for the owner and part co-facilitator in the equine program. But, since nobody had explained the who, what, and how of this job, he was frustrated and bored and felt kinda shitty about himself. Being well educated and all and yet put through the same exercises again and again.

Now it was clear what had to happen. First off, Dunn had to understand what this job of his entailed. I explained that he was in this program to teach people about themselves. I suggested the three of us come up with a statement that explains the job.

We landed on:

I am in my power as a teacher to show humans who they are and what they can work on to become more embodied and coordinated to become good communicators.

Listen to my new podcast to hear what Dunn and his herd mates want horse lovers and professionals (are they always the same?) to know.

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